[Update 07/2023] Bizzi launches a new feature List of goods purchased from farmers

What is a purchase order list? During operations, the purchase of goods without invoices often occurs, especially for businesses that purchase agricultural products, aquatic products, and handicraft products such as jute, rush, bamboo, etc. cork, leaves, or self-exploited products such as soil, stone, sand, gravel, etc. from farmer households.

For businesses that own many supply chains of different types of goods from farmers, this makes it difficult for the accounting and reconciliation process at the end of each month.

Understanding the needs of businesses, Bizzi Vietnam has launched the Commodity Procurement List feature to support control and management of transactions of purchasing activities from farmers.

1. What is a goods purchase list?

A purchase list is a type of document used in accounting to record purchases of goods and services when there are no invoices. It plays an important role in confirming transactions, payments and serving as a basis for accounting and tax declaration:

  • Confirm purchase transaction: The list is authentic evidence of the purchase and sale of goods and services between two parties.
  • As a basis for accounting: List is used to record costs of purchasing goods and services in accounting books.
  • Tax declaration: The list is one of the bases for declaring corporate income tax and value added tax.

Main content of the goods purchasing list:

  • Information about the purchasing unit: Name, address, tax code.
  • Information about the seller: Name, address, tax code (if any).
  • Details of purchased goods and services: Name of goods, services, quantity, unit price, amount.
  • Total payment value: Includes cost of goods, value added tax (if any) and other expenses.
  • Signature confirmation: The statement must be signed by the legal representative or authorized person of both parties.

Note when using the purchase list:

  • It is necessary to prepare a complete, accurate and honest list.
  • The list must be carefully stored as a basis for tax inspection and audit.

The goods purchase list is an important document in accounting. Using the list properly will help ensure the legality of business activities and facilitate tax management.

Why is it necessary to prepare a purchase list for goods and services purchased without invoices?

Making a purchase list of goods and services purchased without invoices is a job necessary for the following reasons:

Transaction recording:

  • The list is proof authenticate the purchase and sale of goods and services between the two parties.
  • Help monitor and manage business purchasing expenses.


  • Base to record costs Purchase goods and services into accounting books.
  • Guaranteed to count Exactly and transparent of financial activities.

Tax declaration:

  • To be base to declare corporate income tax and value added tax.
  • Help businesses follow regulations of tax law.

VAT deduction:

  • Required conditions so that businesses can deduct VAT when purchasing goods and services without invoices.
  • Need to follow up prescribed form of the Ministry of Finance.

Avoid legal risks:

  • Having a statement will help businesses avoid risks in case of being inspected by tax authorities.
  • Express the proactive and responsibility of businesses in complying with the law.

2. Meaning of the feature List of purchases of goods from farmer households

The Goods Procurement List feature supports creating electronic invoices, minimizing the possibility of invoice loss, and accountants will manage invoices more easily and effectively. This process ensures accuracy and minimizes errors in the invoicing process.

  • Simplify the process of receiving the form of the goods purchase statement
  • Create e-invoices and easily manage on Bizzi

3. Instructions for using the feature

Through the Goods Procurement List feature, the process of "Sample of goods purchase sheet" on Bizzi application includes:

  • Enter information in the list
  • Send invoice information to Bizzi's invoice processing address
  • Automatically process and generate invoices
  • Manage invoices "Purchase list"
Mẫu Bảng kê thu mua hàng hóa mà Bizzi cung cấp
Sample of the list of goods purchased by Bizzi

3.1. Enter information into the statement

The accountant enters information into the Goods Purchase List according to the available form provided by Bizzi with the required fields such as:

  • Some bills
  • Bill date
  • Company's name
  • Address
  • Corporate tax code
  • ID/CCCD number of the seller
  • Commodity information (item name, quantity, unit of measure)

3.2. Send invoice information to Bizzi's invoice processing address

After completing the information on the statement according to the above steps, the supplier or accountant can send the statement information to Bizzi's invoice processing email address (@dochoadon) by following the methods below. :

  • Email Directly: Send an email with statement information to Bizzi's invoice processing email address (@dochoadon).
  • Autoforward: Configure your supplier or accountant's email inbox to automatically forward emails containing statement information to Bizzi's invoice processing email address (@dochoadon).
  • CC (attached): Send an email with the statement information and add Bizzi's invoice processing email address (@dochoadon) in the “CC” field to receive the same information.

Note: Bizzi's invoice processing email address (@dochoadon) is an example, you should replace it with your actual Bizzi email address.

Gửi thông tin hóa đơn vào địa chỉ xử lý hóa đơn của Bizzi
Send invoice information to Bizzi's invoice processing address

3.3. Automatically process and create invoices

The Bizzi system automatically recognizes your email and generates an invoice based on the information from the sent statement. The information in the statement will be converted into the corresponding invoice.

Các thông tin trong bảng kê sẽ được chuyển đổi thành hóa đơn tương ứng
The information in the statement will be converted into the corresponding invoice

Below are the details of the invoice list displayed on the Bizzi system.

Giao diện trên hệ thống của Bizzi
Interface on Bizzi's system

3.4 Invoice management “Purchasing list of goods”

Accountants easily manage invoices of the goods list as shown in the interface below.

Giao diện quản lý danh sách hóa đơn mua vào từ hộ nông dân qua bảng kê
The interface to manage the list of invoices purchased from the farmer's household via the list

Above is the latest information as well as instructions for using the new feature List of goods purchased by Bizzi Vietnam. To be able to experience this feature, please contact hotline (+84) 028 6275 0321/ (+84) 028 3622 2368 or send support information to email: [email protected]

Bizzi team will contact and support businesses as soon as possible.

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