Saigon Eye Hospital and the digital transformation step for the hospital

After 17 years of establishment and development, the Saigon Eye brand has become a reliable choice of Vietnamese families across the country. Along with the continuous development, Saigon Eye Hospital is equally focused on digital transformation technology for the hospital with a comprehensive and automatic bill processing software – Bizzi.

1. Saigon Eye Hospital – The leading eye hospital system in Vietnam


Established in 2004, Saigon Eye Hospital system is proud to be the largest Eye Hospital System in Vietnam. With 8 Hospitals and 2 Ophthalmology Centers, the Clinic is spread across 3 regions of the country, gathering a team of more than 500 doctors and medical staff with good expertise and enthusiasm. absolute trust from customers.  

In the context of the trend of digital transformation taking place globally and becoming one of the decisive factors for the development of many businesses, Saigon face hospital has gone through many ups and downs to get where it is today. but the hospital management team are visionaries, they understand that hospitals cannot stay out of this digital revolution. 

2. Management team with the goal of digital transformation for the hospital

Representative of Saigon Eye Hospital said:: “In order to meet the needs of the market as well as provide the best services to customers, suppliers, above all patients, require the hospital's operating apparatus to be optimized both in terms of performance, time and cost. We decided to choose the overall and comprehensive invoice management for the business, which is Bizzi.” 

The characteristics of hospitals are large medical systems, so the amount of medical equipment and supplies must be imported continuously to have enough supply for patients and hospitals. With a large hospital system and many branches, the management of scattered invoices in branches makes it difficult for SG Eyes to manage and store, especially to reconcile invoices between departments.

With the traditional operating process, all operations have to be done manually, causing the hospital to encounter the situation:

  • No matter how careful an accountant is, it is still impossible to avoid errors in the process of processing invoices and documents
  • It takes time and effort to process huge volume of invoices every day especially when payment is due to suppliers
  • Inexpensive printing and storage costs, inefficient and costly invoice storage and preservation 
  • Maintaining large paper invoices is extremely complicated, the possibility of losing invoices is high 
  • Especially with a large scale, the collection and reconciliation of invoices between departments makes the long-term operation process cumbersome, complicated, costly in personnel and staff costs.

3. Smart automatic 3-way collation bizzi – digital conversion for Saigon Eye Hospital.


Previously, when the invoice processing software was not applied to the hospital, receiving the email of the invoice sent by the supplier, the accountant downloaded the invoice and then proceeded to collect the order invoice to coordinate with the purchasing department for the hospital. Compare information between these two types of invoices to check if the quantity of goods is ordered as the invoice sent by the supplier.

Next, the accountant coordinates with the warehouse department to collect more warehouse receipts and compares 3 types of documents: input invoices, purchase orders and warehouse receipts to check the information fields: quantity, item, unit cost. 

Thus, the manual workflow of collecting and comparing completely by eye makes the processing of 1 input invoice very time consuming and affects other departments. 

Since the application of Bizzi, the accountants of Saigon Eyes have eliminated 90% manual operations. Specifically, Bizzi provides each business with a unique email address. All supplier invoices will be sent to this email address to ensure safe storage to avoid loss or damage of invoices. 

In particular, Bizzi bot has been trained to collect 3 types of documents: invoices, purchase orders, and warehouse receipts integrated on the system. Invoices and vouchers are checked and compared quickly in just a few seconds, if there are errors, they will be detected in a split second. After the invoice is automatically compared on Bizzi, the results are returned to the accounting system just by pressing the confirmation button. 

If before, an invoice needed 3 people representing 3 accounting - purchasing - warehouse teams, now with Bizzi, only 1 accounting staff can handle a lot of invoices. 

4. Manage invoices by company

Saigon Eye is divided by each company to manage. Bizzi allows Saigon Eye to flexibly select employees according to companies so that each employee can see the invoice of the company they are authorized to. Senior managers can easily access information on all invoices or the total amount paid for customers without having to wait for employees to make reports. 

5. Automatic data push 

After the invoice is confirmed, Bizzi automatically pushes the data into the accounting software. Accountants who want to account for invoices only need to access the software and perform the desired cascade to save time entering supplier names, orders, tax codes on accounting software like before. 

In which, there are 2 ways for Bizzi to push data

  • Download the file and upload it to the accounting software 

Bizzi exports an excel file, accountants only need to use that excel file to input data into accounting software. The accounting software generates vouchers to show all the information of the invoice. Instead of manually entering Bizzi to automatically extract the excel file, accountants just need to upload it to the system, saving time to import files one by one.

  • Push data automatically to accounting software 

Bizzi provides API gateway, accounting software that allows connection by Bizzi head. The information that Bizzi has finished processing and automatically pushed to the accounting software. Accountants just need to click confirm at the end. Currently, Bizzi has supported Saigon Eyes in automatically pushing data to the system. 

Thus, in order to keep up with the digital transformation for the hospital to take place in accordance with the goals, Saigon Eye Hospital has chosen a platform to digitize the Bizzi invoice processing process, bringing remarkable positive signs. receive. This is considered a very right step in the race to digitize business operations in the current strong time.

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