Bizzi accompanies Guardian Vietnam to help reduce business processing time and control costs through automated invoice 95%

Guardian – A retail chain of health & beauty products retailing in Vietnam since 2011. Guardian develops its ambition to become the people's first choice, proud to become a shopping place “for everyone” ”, can “buy everything” and easily choose your favorite products with more than 500 reputable brands.

Guardian Vietnam system includes more than 100 stores in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Da Nang, and online shopping channels Shopee, Lazada, Grab Mart, Eshop.

Owning such a large store system, every day the Guardian's accounting team has to process thousands of invoices, many "meaningless" tasks that are repeated over and over, reducing work efficiency. Talking to Bizzi, Mr. Vu Hoang, representative of Guardian Vietnam shared, before deploying Bizzi application, Guardian encountered a number of challenging problems: 

  • Every day, the Guardian team has to manually process from 7000 - 9000 input invoices. Especially due to the lack of support tools, the workload is overloaded, causing the team's work performance to decrease significantly. 
  • A team of 20 people must spend a lot of time to compare each invoice information to check the validity., verify PO with more than 180 suppliers. 
  • In addition, the number of vouchers, invoices and other types of payment proposals is so much that it is difficult to store. In particular, the team spends a lot of money on printing. 

Bizzi va Guardian

Therefore, the Guardian team wishes to be able to find and own a tool to help accounting staff run daily activities smoothly and efficiently. Specifically, reducing the load of "nonsensical" tasks such as entering data into the system, comparing detailed information on each invoice. As a result, the entire staff can fully focus on professional work to improve individual and team performance. In addition, this tool will also help Guardian ensure accuracy and transparency, and minimize the risks of tax and financial reporting. 

After a long time of consideration and trial experience, Guardian has decided to make Bizzi – a lean cost management platform for businesses – a working tool for the accounting team. According to Mr. Vu Hoang, it was Bizzi who helped Guardian reduce the processing time and control costs more effectively. 

✔️ Only 4 employees are needed to quickly and easily process thousands of invoices per day instead of 15-20 people as before 

✔️ 95% invoices are automated, reducing manual processing rates 

✔️ Reduce 80% invoice processing cost from 6,000 to 2,000 VND  

✔️ Control and manage expenses, payment terms easily in real time 

✔️ Automatically compare invoices by quick information fields: company name, tax code, address, ..

✔️ Invoice processing time only takes 1-2s/invoice

✔️ Minimize repetitive tasks such as data entry, checking, reconciliation 

✔️ Easily store invoices to help solve the worry of losing/losing/damaging invoices. 

Bizzi is proud to be a company that provides technology solutions for automating accounting and financial operations with the mission of becoming an effective assistant to automatically process invoices and digitize cost management activities. compact for convenience stores as well as supporting businesses in the digital transformation process. On the occasion of her 3rd birthday, Bizzi is having a program Biggest offer of the year for businesses until September 30, offer up to 30%.

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Bizzi has been trusted and used by +1200 large enterprises and corporations such as Tiki, GS25, Circle K, PNJ, P&G, VNG, Grab, Ikea, Sabeco, Pharmacity, etc. 

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