VNG Cloud

VNG Cloud provides international standard cloud computing, with 2 international standard data centers located in Vietnam, ensuring that all business data is built and stored in Vietnam, meets strict safety standards and complies with the provisions of the Cybersecurity Law.

All cloud computing services of VNG Cloud are developed by Vietnamese people, solving problems of Vietnamese businesses and always accompanying Vietnamese businesses on their ambitious development journey.


Free credit worth VND 5,000,000 on VNG Cloud Portal and free 3 months of service charge if you become a customer and buy a 12-month package.

1. Offer period:

Promotion period lasts from 10/06/2023 to 07/07/2024.

2. Incentives and subjects of application:

  • Offering a resource pack worth VND 5,000,000 (“Resource Pack”): businesses open credit cards under the cooperation program between Bizzi & Shinhan Bank and have never used VNG Cloud's services.
  • Get an extra 3 months of service charge if you become a customer and buy a 12-month service package (“Free 3 Months Package”): Customers will receive a Resource Pack and meet two conditions: (i) buy a service package 12-month service and (ii) payment of service charges via Bizzi x Shinhan Bank credit card. The maximum limit of 3 Months Free Package for 01 Customer is 200 million VND.

3. Terms and conditions apply

  • The program applies to Customers who are subject to the same as in Section 2.
  • Products eligible for the promotion include:
    • vServer: Server-Instance Type, DB-Instance Type, Load Balancing, DB-BlockStore, Server-BlockStore (K8S service and license not included)
    • vStorage: Gold storage, Gold traffic, Gold request, Silver storage, Silver traffic, Silver request, Archive storage, Archive traffic, Archive request, Archive, Traffic international Gold & Silver International.
    • Do not apply: vMonitor, vCloudcam, hardware products.
  • Only applicable to customers who provide full business information to VNG Cloud including: business name, business code, full name & citizen identification number / identity card of the legal representative domain email Enterprise and/or other necessary information for authentication.
  • When using VNG Cloud's services, customers are obliged to comply with VNG Cloud's regulations/regulations/policies posted at website from time to time.
  • Each customer (Corporate) can only receive the offer once (01) during the promotion period.
  • Not cumulative with other VNG Cloud promotions.
  • The Resource Pack is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of successful activation by the customer. At the end of this period, all promotional resources will be automatically removed from the customer's account and will not be reimbursed in any way.
  • Offer is non-refundable and not redeemable for cash.
  • Information VNG Cloud receives from Bizzi/Shinhan and/or at VNG Cloud's system is the basis for determining that customers meet the conditions of this promotion.
  • In case VNG Cloud suspects or detects that customers have signs of fraud, counterfeiting, speculation, profiteering, promotion and/or other illegal acts related to this program, VNG Cloud has the right to refuse promotions for customers.
  • The program may end early if:
    • VNG Cloud detects signs of fraudulent speculation from customers/partners; or
    • The program runs out of promotional budget.
  • If there is a dispute of interest, VNG Cloud's decision is final and valid for all parties.

4. How to activate and receive incentives

  • Resource Pack: the customer must complete the registration form and agree to the terms and conditions of the program. Customers will receive an activation link via email from VNG Cloud customer service, they must click on this link to start using the program's preferential service.
  • 3 Months Free Package: Customers who successfully purchase and pay for a 12-month service package with Bizzi & Shinhan Bank credit card will receive an additional 3 months of resource usage from VNG Cloud to their registered service account by VNG Cloud.
  • Activation time The promotion package must be within the promotion period of the program.

Activation Instructions

Step 1. After receiving the card, businesses go to VNG's link to register for activation:

  • Activate Special Deal at This.
  • Activate Exclusive Offer at This.

Step 2. Fill in the information in the registration form.

Step 3. VNG staff will call to advise using the service.

Step 4. Pay with a business credit card Bizzi – Shinhan and enjoy the card's incentives.

6. Support

During the promotion period, users will have access to VNG Cloud's customer support team for assistance with any issues or questions.

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