Happy 3rd birthday to Bizzi with attractive offers

After 3 years of establishment and operation, Bizzi - a streamlined cost management platform for businesses, has owned a large number of customers with more than 1,200 large businesses and corporations including Korean convenience store chains GS25, Circle K, Guardian, Family Mart, Medicare, Tiki.vn, Deloitte, DKSH, PNJ, P&G, VNG, Grab, Ikea, Sabeco, Pharmacity,…

Long cherished by CEO Vu Trong Nghia and CTO Nguyen Bao Nguyen, Bizzi officially launched on the market on September 9, 2019. Around the time of its founding, Bizzi's development activities occurred amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam. However, Bizzi still managed to survive until today! 

With the solution to automate invoice processing using AI and process automation using RPA robots, Bizzi has become a widely mentioned name in the Vietnamese business community thanks to touching the "pain" of customers. companies in processing invoices and managing costs at that time. 

Bizzi lean expense management platform reduces invoice processing time by 80% and processing costs by 50%, while increasing transparency and tax compliance. This contributes to accelerating digital adoption and digital transformation in the financial sectors with tangible and measurable benefits.

On the occasion of Bizzi's 3-year-old birthday, Bizzi offers the biggest promotion of the year, applicable for September 2022 for all Bizzi customers:  CONGRATULATIONS ON BIZZI'S 3rd SPONSOR OF A LEAN COST MANAGEMENT PLATFORM FOR BUSINESSES

*Program lasts from September 9, 2022 to September 30, 2022.

  • Current customer
  • Free 300 bills
  • Bizzi Expense:  3 months free Free use when purchasing 1 year package

  • New customer
  • Free 30% The package automatically processes invoices on purchased invoice quantities
  • Bizzi Expense:  3 months free Free use when purchasing 1 year package

📌 Program registration link: https://bom.so/dangky_bizzi 

With Bizzi, your business has a set of streamlined solutions for digitization and cost management, while supporting the efficiency of the accounting team: 

  • Increase work productivity with the system to automatically check invoice information
  • Minimize tax and financial reporting risks
  • Automatic intelligent collation with 99.9% . accuracy
  • Real-time cost control and management
  • Maximize savings on manpower and paper costs
  • Automate the document making and payment request process
  • Speed up approval time


Learn more at: https://bizzi.vn 

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