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As one of the suppliers of products and services Vietnamese consumers health care from Switzerland, DKSH is increasingly asserting its position when building solid trust for many international brands that want to develop business in the Vietnamese market.

After 30 years of operation in Vietnam, DKSH Vietnam owns a wide network in 63 provinces and cities, including 18 business locations nationwide and 4,700 employees, cooperating with hundreds of brands, serving customers. hundreds of thousands of corporate customers. 

1. The challenge of handling 20 thousand bills/month 

Along with market development, as a multinational corporation, DKSH is well aware of argument shifting and focuses on applying technology to optimize operational processes.

Identify challenges in invoice management early and focus on the importance of digital signatures while few businesses pay attention to it. DKSH's leadership determined that the application of digital transformation technology to help accelerate the development of the business and remove the bottleneck in the problem of how to determine the legitimacy of invoices to reduce reduce the risk of costs for the business. 

As a multinational corporation, DKSH is aware that not checking the correct electronic invoice information will easily lead to risks for its own business. It can be said that DKSH is one of the businesses that are extremely interested in applying technology to minimize the time and simplify the bill payment process for suppliers.

Because of that, DKSH management with a high spirit of initiative in learning about technology solutions on the market as well as comparing later features and experiences to come to a final decision is to choose Bizzi. Become an effective assistant to the accounting department. 

2. Bizzi thoroughly solve the problem validity of invoices for DKSH


One of Bizzi's first customers, DKSH was concerned with invoice validity. The accounting team checks all the information fields on the invoice without omitting any information to ensure all is correct and reasonable. 

2.1 The biggest achievement that DKSH has achieved is checking the validity of invoices 

It can be said that Bizzi is a pioneering technology platform to troubleshoot the problem of determining the validity of e-invoices, causing headaches for many businesses, including DKSH - a typical customer of Bizzi's pharmaceutical and consumer industries.

Normally, after receiving invoices from suppliers, accountants download 2 types of invoices including PDF and XML files for checking. In which, the PDF file is the representation of the electronic invoice to help accountants read the invoice faster, and the XML file is a legally valid file. 

Since there are many suppliers, there will be many different ways to send invoices. As a result, accountants perform many operations to achieve the goal of downloading 2 PDF and XML files. However, there are many reasons for the failure to download, for example, the supplier did not send the invoice or the system error. 

Without using Bizzi, it is difficult for businesses to detect the validity of their e-invoices, so they will skip this step and only read the contents of the invoice. As a result, many businesses have the potential to spread the risk of fake invoices, pay incorrect amounts with the order value due to changed information, or the invoice information on XML and PDF do not match. .

If the business as well as the accounting department do not apply technology to the inspection, it will be difficult to detect where the deviation is. Invoice errors lead to the risk of enterprises being administratively fined and continuously being fined. Enterprises face the risk of legal coercion. 

Solving the problem of determining the validity of e-invoices, DKSH was extremely pleased when Bizzi checked the validity of the e-signature. In case of incorrect invoices, Bizzi reports immediately, the accountant only needs to check and work with the same level house to issue the correct invoice and at the same time educate the supplier about the importance of the information on the correct invoice. reasonable, valid. 

2.2 DKSH optimizes invoice management platform with Bizzi

a. Scientific storage, avoid losing invoices

Because there are many companies and accountants as well as many departments, DKSH applies Bizzi as a single platform to process input invoices. Bizzi provides an email to receive the invoice corresponding to the tax code of the business. All suppliers will send invoices to this correct address, not having to follow the previous process: suppliers send to purchasing department, purchasing department send to accountant, accountant send to Bizzi.

Thus, with the use of Bizzi, it is the only platform to process input invoices that suppliers send directly to the email address Bizzi provides. Accounting saves up to 50% processing time and storing on Bizzi has helped businesses to centralize and store all invoices in one place, avoiding loss and damage of single flowers like before.

b. Building a standard process of approving invoices on the system 

After the invoice is checked by Bizzi bot, the accountant only needs to confirm the results returned by Bizzi. Bizzi continues to send notices to higher management for final approval. 

After using Bizzi since the end of 2019 until now, DKSH has made noticeable changes in the operating process of invoice management for the accounting department. 

DKSH's Accounting Department can handle much larger workloads in just a few seconds instead of 10 minutes/invoice as before. 

Thanks to Bizzi digitizing the entire invoice processing process, DKSH automates up to 90%, eliminating repetitive manual tasks so employees have time to focus on developing the important work that brings effective revenue for the business. 

Bizzi – a pioneer in technology transformation, automating accounting processes for many businesses in diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, retail, construction, logistics, education, manufacturing, etc. The preeminent feature that Bizzi brings, now available more than 1000+ businesses choose and trust Bizzi.

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