Corporate credit cards: Solutions to help solve difficulties and optimize costs for SMEs

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On June 16, Shinhan Bank and Bizzi launched a corporate (DN) credit card with an integrated expense management platform. The solution is expected to help small and medium enterprises (SME) remove difficulties and optimize operating costs.

Representatives from Shinhan, Visa, Bizzi at the event. From left are Mr. Gareth Parrington - Head of Business Solutions and Payments Division, Asia Pacific, Mr. Kang Gew Won - General Director of Shinhan Bank Vietnam, Mr. Vu Trong Nghia - Founder & Director CEO of Bizzi, Mr. Kelvin Utomo – Head of Visa Solutions for Vietnam and Laos. 

Combining the advantages of both businesses

In the context of an increasingly complex and competitive business environment, effective cost management has become an important factor for businesses. Recognizing this important point, Shinhan Bank has partnered with Visa and Bizzi - a pioneering technology company in the field of expense management to launch a business credit card with integrated Bizzi expense management platform for the first time. Expense.

However, according to a representative of Bizzi, the Bizzi Expense solution helps businesses to record, approve and manage expenses easily. As a result, businesses can easily: Simplify the process of creating and approving expenses; Manage your business credit card list; Close departmental and project cost management; Effective budget management.

Therefore, in addition to the benefits brought by Shinhan Bank, corporate credit cards also integrate Bizzi's technology to provide enhanced cost management capabilities.

According to the representative of Bizzi, the benefits of this 2-in-1 solution include: Integration of payment and management functions to optimize the process; Provide detailed reports and information, helping businesses effectively track and analyze expenses; Ensuring transparency and safety in the payment process, minimizing the risk of asset loss and fraud; Assist in budget allocation and management, ensuring spending is compliant and controlled.

This ensures you have a complete solution, from day-to-day expense management to billing and budget tracking.

Help solve financial problems for SME

According to Vu Trong Nghia, CEO of Bizzi Vietnam, shaking hands with major partners such as Shinhan Bank and Visa pioneered the launch of technology solutions combined with finance to help manage and control finance and payments. B2B math just got easier.

"Therefore, the business credit card product Bizzi - Shinhan integrated with Bizzi's expense management application was launched at the right time in the challenging economic environment, SMEs are in dire need of working capital support. and optimize operating costs“, Nghia commented.


MC Quoc Khanh experiences business credit card Bizzi x Shinhan

Kang Gew Won, General Director of Shinhan Bank said, aiming to provide diversity in services to bring the best experience to customers, Shinhan Bank Vietnam develops and expands. cooperated with Bizzi Vietnam Co., Ltd. to open up a new opportunity in accessing and supporting financial service packages specifically for corporate customers, especially SME customers.

Therefore, the launch of a corporate credit card that integrates the expense management platforms of Shinhan Bank and Bizzi is a pioneering step in the field of finance and technology, and represents the development and application of technology in the banking industry.

Given the product's growth and expansion potential in the financial market, it is expected that many businesses will effectively adopt this credit card to optimize their financial management. This will help enhance business performance, ensure stability and sustainability for businesses.

Shinhan Bank and Bizzi have planned their upcoming development to further enhance their corporate credit card products with integrated expense management platform.

Information about Bizzi – Shinhan Business Credit Card

With the business credit card product Bizzi - Shinhan integrated with the Bizzi Expense expense management application, businesses will have a comprehensive solution for effective cost management and budget control. The combination of Bizzi Vietnam and Shinhan Bank brings great benefits to businesses, from simplicity and transparency to flexibility and convenience.

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