SAP integration: How to optimize the AP payables process on the SAP system

Integrating an AP payables management solution for SAP helps optimize workflows, save time and money, and provide the transparency and control needed for the payables management process (AP). However, not all integration solutions or vendors are the same. To get the most out of SAP integration for accounts payable management, you need an integrated AP solution that offers the following advantages:

  • Simple, flexible and easy to use.
  • Easy SAP integration without changing existing processes or business workflows on SAP.
  • Simplify navigation and information flow to expedite accounts payable reporting and processing.
  • Integrating a payables management solution can streamline processes, provide real-time data transparency and control, expedite approvals, and simplify cross-border communication and collaboration. throughout the entire process from shopping to payment.

In this article, we'll explore how integrating SAP S/4HANA with an AP payables management solution can benefit your business and why Bizzi is the leading solution for IT systems. your ERP system.

The challenge of the AP accounts payable department

Payables management (Accounts Payable – AP) is gradually becoming more important from just being a necessary part of accounting and finance to an important strategic resource for businesses. At the same time, AP departments face increasing pressure to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Bộ phận AP phải đối mặt với áp lực ngày càng tăng trong việc nâng cao hiệu quả và giảm chi phí.
AP departments face increasing pressure to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Recently, in the US, a company conducted a survey with 254 CFOs about the main challenges their AP department is facing. Here are some results:

  • 76% leaders predict the workload in their AP department will increase each year.
  • Among leaders who expect AP workloads to increase, 41% said they also expect the department's strategic role to increase as well.
  • 71% leaders predict an increase in the number of invoices their AP department must process.
  • 55% indicates that the complexity of invoice processing will increase.

To meet this challenge, CFOs need an accounts payable solution that optimizes their existing processes and provides the data and information needed to make business decisions. insight. The ideal solution will automate key AP processes and integrate seamlessly with ERP systems and accounting software to share accurate, up-to-date data across the organization.

Manual accounts payable (AP) processes are slow and inaccurate

Many companies use a combination of paper-based accounts payable management methods and digital solutions to process invoices and payments. For the most part, this is still a manual process if automation has not been applied. Reliance on manual tasks such as data entry, encoding of invoice information, three-way reconciliation of invoices - orders - warehouse receipts and approvals slows down the processing process and increases the risk of errors. omissions and fraud.

As invoice volumes increase, these problems become worse, especially if the accounts payable team is constrained by complex and difficult-to-use ERP systems like SAP.

An interesting fact from APQC – American Productivity and Quality Center: Companies using manual AP workflows process only 6,082 invoices per year per employee, compared to an industry average of 10,853 invoices per year/employee. Companies use the feature AP automation Next Generation processes an average of 20,964 invoices per year per employee.

According to APQC, advanced AP automation is what makes the difference. “Automated invoicing solutions and related technologies are easier to use now than they were a few years ago. Today’s data reflects the benefits many organizations are achieving through the adoption and deployment of those technologies.”

Poor data leads to bad decisions

Using manual processes to process invoices and update data in enterprise systems creates inaccurate data and is often delayed. To make informed business decisions, enforce internal controls, confirm the effectiveness of controls, maintain complete audit histories, or detect and mitigate fraud or errors, Businesses need good and timely data.

Fast Facts: In a survey of executives and ERP professionals conducted by Dimension Research and Fivetran, 99% businesses said they had difficulty accessing information in their ERP systems, 82% reported. making decisions based on inaccurate data, and 85% says that poor data leads to business decisions that cause revenue loss.

Face the challenge with an SAP-integrated AP automation solution

SAP, like many other ERP systems, has a menu structure and workflow that can limit the ability of the accounts payable (AP) team to make informed decisions. SAP controls user access levels through “roles” — which makes sense from a senior management perspective but limits AP employees' access to data, resources, and stakeholders. necessary for them to process invoices effectively.

As a result, finance departments often need to create tailor-made views in SAP to provide the reporting and insights AP teams need in their day-to-day operations.

Third-party integration solutions, like Bizzi, address these challenges by optimizing AP process efficiency while simplifying workflow and data sharing. However, automation is only half the battle. To get the most out of an integrated AP automation solution for SAP, you need a seamless SAP integration solution that delivers maximum benefits to your business with minimal change to existing IT infrastructure and processes.

Let's explore the solutions Integrate AP and ERP system work together to benefit your business.

Optimize accounts payable with SAP integration

Businesses use SAP because it is a powerful and highly customizable business tool. However, that power comes at a price – SAP is notoriously complex and difficult to use. Integrating a third-party AP automation solution with SAP enables your accounts payable (AP) department to access and share data, leverage flexible workflows, and ease communication easily with stakeholders.

The ideal integrated solution will free the AP department from confusing complexity, overwhelming paperwork, and tedious manual processes; From there they can focus on strategic, high-value tasks.

Việc tích hợp giải pháp tự động hóa AP của bên thứ ba với SAP cho phép bộ phận quản lý khoản phải trả (AP) làm việc hiệu quả hơn
Integrating third-party AP automation solutions with SAP enables accounts payable (AP) departments to work more efficiently

Here are the key benefits that AP integration can bring to your business:

Integrate and deploy quickly

Businesses can quickly deploy and integrate cloud-based accounts payable management solutions into SAP with minimal IT involvement or changes to existing processes and the SAP environment their.

Bizzi is the fastest AP integration solution for SAP. Bizzi's pre-built SAP integration modules can be deployed quickly, without changing existing AP processes. Bizzi provides ongoing support during implementation to ensure a smooth process, while also leveraging your existing protocols to ensure seamless integration.

Simplify invoice processing process

Modern AP solutions leverage AI and OCR technology to streamline manual invoice processing processes such as manual data entry and coding, thereby significantly improving the speed and efficiency of invoice management . Faster processes help businesses pay on time, avoid late fees and improve cash flow.

Real-time invoice reconciliation

The AP platform synchronizes invoices, purchase orders (POs), and warehouse receipts (GRs) with SAP to enable accurate three-way reconciliation in real time. If the system detects an error, the AP will be notified automatically.

Data security and integrity

AP solutions protect master data, master records, payment information and invoices, while ensuring your SAP ERP system is the single source of truth for your customers. business deals.

Integrated payment processing

AP solutions consolidate disparate payment processing processes into a single platform, simplifying supplier payments, syncing bank account information, selecting payment methods, and Check approval status. Improved payment processing means reduced late payments and penalty fees, ensuring better cash flow.

Relationships with suppliers are improved

Integrating the AP platform with procurement and supply chain ERP modules allows you to track supplier account groups and share supplier data and communications throughout the process P2P (Procure to Pay – from sourcing to payment). Better data and communication helps your business pay suppliers on time, ensure purchasing staff have access to up-to-date information on pricing and discounts, and keep customers informed. supplier.

Scalability for growth

Manual accounts payable management processes are not easily scalable, which can be a challenge as the business grows and incurs additional costs. AP platforms can scale and adapt as invoice volume and complexity increase, so payables don't become a barrier to business growth.

Bizzi: AP payables management solution top for SAP

How integrating solutions into ERP systems can increase productivity and create strategic value. The key is to find an AP automation solution that delivers the best ROI and integrates SAP seamlessly.

Bizzi dễ dàng tích hợp SAP
Bizzi easily integrates SAP

Bizzi is specifically designed for accounts payable management. The solution simplifies the process and provides everything AP teams need to know in a single, simple interface. By combining AP department information, Bizzi helps businesses make informed decisions, streamline workflows and optimize working capital management.

Freeing AP resources from time-consuming manual tasks and delivering timely, accurate business data across the enterprise, Bizzi turns the AP department into the driving force behind business strategy.

With the companionship of units such as GS25, Guardian, NKID, Colgate,... have demonstrated Bizzi's effectiveness in helping businesses optimize accounts payable, access accurate and timely business data with ERP systems.

Contact our team today to sign up for a free trial and discover how Bizzi can help you get the most out of SAP for accounts payable management.

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