[Update 04/2023] Bizzi updated the new version of Bizzi Expense application

In order to improve the user experience, the automatic reconciliation & expense management platform for businesses - Bizzi has updated the Bizzi Expense application to a new version, with a more modern - intelligent - user-friendly interface.

In this update, the Bizzi team has upgraded and changed some points about the interface on the application. Hopefully the new update will optimize the experience for customers.

✅Switch to flat design

With a flat design, the Bizzi Expense application has a clear division, no overlap, a more streamlined and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to focus. Thereby optimizing interaction and increasing experience.

✅ Updated colors on taskbars

To increase aesthetics and improve user experience, Bizzi changed the color of the Navigation bar and the Quick access toolbar. User-friendly and easy to use.

Bizzi cap nhat tinh nang moi

✅ Update font and font size

Bizzi changes the font (font) and increases the font size (size) to help users easily access and scan information better.

✅ Change the layout and position of the information field

In this new update, Bizzi has changed the layout (layout) and location of the fields to make the information hierarchy clear and transparent. Besides, towards the streamlined design and experience, we have refined and reduced the information cards (cards) to increase the intuitive and scientific.

Bizzi cap nhat

Above are the new updates about the new version of the Bizzi Expense application. The latest version of the app has been successfully published on Google Play and App Store.

We invite you to register for the experience at: https://bom.so/Bizzi_Newupdate

We will continuously update product information to you.

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