Visa honors Bizzi's innovation in expense management and payment

Bizzi Vietnam Just received the award "Visa"First Commercial Fintech Card in Vietnam” – Pioneering digital partner deploying corporate cards integrated with cost management solutions in Vietnam at Visa Awards 2023.

Within the framework of the annual Visa Awards 2023, Bizzi Vietnam Co., Ltd. was honored with the award First Commercial Fintech Card in Viet Nam. Thereby, recognizing Bizzi's efforts in this work Launching a corporate credit card product with integrated expense management application for the first time in Vietnam

In today's volatile economic context, this pioneering integrated solution from Bizzi is considered a lifesaver for businesses with “dual benefits”Specifically, it not only helps supplement working capital, optimize cash flow quickly and promptly, but also helps save costs, improve budget control and tight cash flow management.

Đại diện Bizzi Vietnam nhận giải thưởng tại Visa Awards 2023 (Ảnh: Visa)
Representative of Bizzi Vietnam received the award at Visa Awards 2023 (Photo: Visa)

Bizzi – Vietnamese Startup changes the way businesses manage and pay expenses

Faced with the challenges of the economy and the need to strictly manage costs and optimize cash flow of businesses is becoming more and more urgent, C-level businesses are still wondering how to digitally transform globally. more present to quickly make important business decisions that are vital to the business, while conveying cost management thinking to each employee. 

Seeing that challenge and opportunity, Bizzi has made great strides in meeting the increasingly complex cost management needs of businesses. This proves that Bizzi's success at Visa Awards 2023 is not only a reflection of innovation in products and services, but is also the result of paying special attention to cost management thinking at the level of innovation. staff.

Giải thưởng khẳng định vị thế và cam kết của Bizzi trong công tác số hóa quản lý chi phí DN
The award affirms Bizzi's position and commitment in digitizing enterprise cost management

Representative of Bizzi, CEO Vu Trong Nghia shared: “We are very proud and delighted to receive this important award from Visa. This is a valuable recognition for Bizzi through its efforts to develop a suite of technology application solutions budget control and Monitor costs closely. We are committed to continuing to innovate and launch products that bring more value to businesses in managing accounts payable processes.”

In June 2023, Bizzi became the first business in Vietnam to cooperate with Visa and Shinhan Bank to launch a corporate credit card product with integrated cost management solutions. Through this credit card, businesses can quickly access and use capital with 45 interest-free days to pay for office rental costs, purchasing facilities, business expenses, receiving guests, etc. …

In particular, thanks to the ability to integrate with cost management systems, businesses can separate spending, proactively control budgets and track spending in real time.

By cooperating and accompanying Visa and Shinhan Bank, Bizzi has changed the way businesses manage costs and contributed to promoting the transition from cash payments to non-cash payments, towards the goal of For a society. Cashless society. 

Businesses can register to experience a free credit card solution with integrated expense management application at website by Bizzi. 

Pioneering in applying technology and digitizing corporate cost management processes

In addition to providing corporate card solutions that integrate expense management applications, Bizzi provides solutions that automate and simplify invoice processing and corporate expense management processes with technological strengths. (Robotic process automation, machine learning, AI).

At the same time, supporting businesses to "maximize" costs in a volatile and difficult economic year thanks to the ability to Strict budget control, warn of cost over budget, automatic spending approval, real-time spending monitoring.

By pioneering the application of technology, Bizzi helps businesses: 

  • Cost savings: Minimize costs arising from unreasonable payments and spending over budget.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Increase transparency in cost management, improve resource use efficiency.
  • Optimize cash flow: Strictly control spending, increase cashless payments and separate business/personal expenses. 

Currently, Bizzi has supported many businesses to deploy and apply technology to the process of automating accounting and financial activities in many fields such as retail, manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. , food and beverage, logistics, construction,... 

With the Visa award, Bizzi affirms its position as a pioneer in the field of expense management and corporate cards in Vietnam. In the coming time, Bizzi will continue to follow the direction of comprehensive development to become a set of digital financial control solutions and continuously improve to support businesses in optimizing costs and maximizing profits. 

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