Investment Bridge: "Bizzi cooperates with Shinhan Bank to launch corporate credit card"

According to the newspaper Nhip Cau Investment

Business finance management platform, Bizzi has just announced a corporate credit card through cooperation with Shinhan Bank Vietnam Ltd.

Sự kiện ra mắt thẻ tín dụng doanh nghiệp Bizzi - Shinhan
Launching event of Bizzi – Shinhan corporate credit card

Accordingly, through this cooperation, the two provide solutions to help businesses automate the invoice processing process, easily control and closely manage costs.

At the same time, customers who open a credit card will receive incentives such as free annual fee for the first year from the bank and preferential packages from Bizzi such as giving away a lifetime Bizzi Expense expense management account according to the card and free gift card. add 3 months when signing a 12-month contract using Bizzi Expense expense management application, 10% discount for invoice processing service.

Founded in 2019, Bizzi raised $3 million for a Pre-A round from Do Ventures, Qualgro and Money Forward. At the time of the company's launch, there were many accounting software on the market, but it mainly handled incoming and outgoing invoices while no businesses handled input invoices.

Therefore, accounting companies face a lot of difficulties and lose time when downloading invoices, checking invoices and entering data into accounting software or ERP software. Managing electronic invoices in XML file format is equally complex. In terms of management, most small and medium enterprises still have the habit of saving invoices in email, so when they need to retrieve them, it takes a lot of time.

The company provides a solution to automatically process input invoices from suppliers such as downloading invoices, checking invoice information or determining the seller's operation process, etc., which helps to reduce 80% time and reduce processing costs. There is about 2,000 VND/bill left

According to information from the company at that time, Bizzi had more than 4,000 customers with a total invoice value processed monthly through the system of more than $300 million.

Bizzi's investor, Money Forward (Japan), has been very successful with providing services like Bizzi. After gaining a foothold in providing accounting automation for businesses in Japan, this unit began offering more specialized services for accounting. The company raised $43 million. before going public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2017, after 5 years of establishment.

Vu Trong Nghia, Managing Director of Bizzi Vietnam, said that the company is still consistent with the above strategy of Money Forward, providing services to support the accounting department in handling transactions. finance.

Đại diện Bizzi chia sẻ về sản phẩm thẻ tín dụng doanh nghiệp
Representative of Bizzi - CEO Vu Trong Nghia shared about corporate credit card products

For his part, Mr. Kang GewWon, General Director of Shinhan Bank, said that the cooperation with Bizzi Vietnam company opens a new opportunity in accessing and supporting financial service packages specifically for customers. businesses, especially small and medium enterprises.


Information about Bizzi – Shinhan Business Credit Card

With the business credit card product Bizzi - Shinhan integrated with the Bizzi Expense expense management application, businesses will have a comprehensive solution for effective cost management and budget control. The combination of Bizzi Vietnam and Shinhan Bank brings great benefits to businesses, from simplicity and transparency to flexibility and convenience.

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Product information Bizzi Expense expense management application

Bizzi Expense is a smart expense management application with the ability to track and centralize expenses easily, businesses can have an overview of their expense situation. Using a business credit card Bizzi – Shinhank will help improve working capital and effectively manage cash flow, thereby maximizing profits.

Chính sách ưu đãi của Bizzi
Expense management application Bizzi Expense

However, the benefits of Bizzi Expense is not just a tool for recording and managing expenses. This product also brings many advantages and benefits to businesses. Here are some key benefits that businesses can get from Bizzi Expense:

  • Strict cost control: Bizzi Expense helps businesses proactively control the budget for each department and employee. Businesses can set spending barriers, limit daily spending and view complete spending reports to make informed decisions.
  • Optimizing cost management: Bizzi Expense helps businesses create internal processes and regulations for cost management. Tracking, approving and recording expenses is easier and more transparent than ever.
  • Save time and effort: Bizzi Expense helps automate the cost management process, from recognition, approval to payment processing. This helps to reduce manual work, save time and increase business productivity.
  • Detailed spending report: Bizzi Expense provides detailed, transparent and easy-to-read spending reports. Businesses can view spending information by time, department, project or type of spending, thereby making strategic decisions and improving business processes.
  • Safety and security: Bizzi Expense adheres to the highest security standards, ensuring the safety of business information and data. All transactions and data are encrypted and protected against the risk of loss and misuse.

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