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Bizzi – Journey to become 'BOT Boss' in invoice processing 

Established at the end of 2019, when the covid 19 pandemic began to break out in Vietnam, Bizzi has proven itself to be a bright star solving the difficult problem of automatic input invoice processing for many people. businesses in the Vietnamese market. 

Not stopping there, in October 2021, Bizzi successfully raised a $ 3 million Pre-Series A funding round led by Japan's leading FinTech/SaaS company Money Forward. Before receiving an investment of 3 million USD from Money Forward, Do Ventures and Qualgro, in May 2020 Bizzi was also funded by 500 Startups Vietnam with the mission to support potential founders around the world.

Currently, the Company has more than 100 large customers including Grab, GS25, Circle K, Tiki... and more than 4,000 suppliers using the service after more than 2 years of establishment. The total monthly invoice value through Bizi reaches more than 300 million USD.

Bizzi is proud to be an automatic input invoice processing and extraction solution that helps reduce 80% time, save at least 50% costs compared to manual processing. Processing capacity of only 10s per invoice with accuracy up to 99.9%.

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Bizzi was born with the idea: Effective assistant, less burdensome accounting 


The Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge but also a great opportunity for Bizzi - a technology startup with all the qualities to transform into a unicorn in the future. Especially grasping the digital transformation trend in operating processes and input invoice processing as well as the needs of businesses in the retail, pharmaceutical, accounting, construction industries,... 

For specific businesses with many input invoices every day such as GS25, Guardians, Pharmacity,... instead of businesses pouring money into human resource deployment activities for the accounting department for tasks: checking and reconciling. , pay bills... now Bizzi offers a solution to automate the workflow with invoices converted into AI bot tasks to help the accounting department reduce work pressure because of small errors but big risks. .

Since then, Bizzi is an effective solution to help business owners use the potential and budget saved from chemical processing activities thanks to Ai Bot to expand the construction and development activities of the company through different departments. Others generate more revenue in business.

Bizzi "rides a tiger to reach far" in the technology market 

With the mission of becoming an effective assistant for businesses, CEO Nghia Vu and his Co-founder have developed Bizzi through many successful paths. In particular, in 2021, Bizzi increased its revenue 10 times, invested 3 million USD in the Pre-Series A round and won the Digital Transformation award in Singapore.

Following the successful stepping stone in 2021, the company plans to launch a new product to the market in 2022. 

  • Expense Expense Management: Digitize the entire process of creating payment proposals and approving expenses from departments. Expenses for travel, reception, shopping, etc. are managed transparently and effectively.
  • Supplier management: Confirm invoice information, PO and communicate with your suppliers easily. Manage payment due dates and automatically confirm invoice status with sellers.
  • Speed up approval: Relevant departments can chat (chat) about invoices and payments easily and securely right on Bizzi platform, shortening approval time

CEO Bizzi said that in the next 2 years, startup Bizzi will focus 100% on the domestic market Become the No. 1 technology company providing automatic input invoice processing software in Vietnam in 2022 before expanding to other Southeast Asian countries.

Taking customers as the focus, bringing many quality products and services and giving full support in product issues to develop with Vietnamese enterprises, Bizzi wishes to bring a sustainable profit to investors. and make practical contributions to society and the economy.

Free automatic processing package of 500 invoices with Bizzi 

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