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Like many other industries, pharmaceutical companies also need an accounting department to collect, process, store, and preserve the business's financial information. So with the trend of digital transformation and workflow automation, how are pharmaceutical businesses prepared? Or active Does pharmaceutical invoice processing apply technology to save time and optimize costs for businesses? 

1. Overview of the pharmaceutical industry and invoice processing activities

For pharmacies, especially large pharmacy systems with many branches, goods management, supplier management, and invoice management are extremely important tasks that require strict management. Because, it requires a large number of personnel, careful and meticulous. 

Because the products are specific medicinal items, documents, vouchers, and invoices must ensure absolute accuracy and require strict management to avoid any errors. 

Therefore, some pharmacies, especially pharmacies with many branches, face a number of problems when processing pharmaceutical invoices such as: 

  • There are many input invoices that need to be processed every day
  • Many invoices but only 1 order
  • Many invoices and many orders every day 
  • 1 invoice but many orders 

In particular, the manual tasks that accountants have to handle every day such as data entry, reconciling invoices, documents... require a lot of time and effort, the more you do it, the more likely it is to make mistakes, affecting the reporting results. financial statements. 

2. Pharmaceutical industry invoice processing software – Bizzi  


Bizzi invoice processing software is a solution for automatic processing and management of input invoices, helping Save 80% time, 50% cost for businesses including pharmaceutical businesses. At the same time, Bizzi helps improve the reliability of input invoice data. 

Thanks to the application of RPA technology and AI applications, Bizzi with millions of smart robots performs large-volume, repetitive cyclical tasks such as: data entry, downloading invoices, checking, reconciling, Manage, store and extract invoices. 

If accountants are often affected by external factors when working such as health, distraction, long working hours, etc., then RPA can operates continuously 24/7/365 With high and stable speed, accuracy is absolutely guaranteed Reduce errors to 99.9%

Special features of Bizzi's invoice processing software include:

  • Bizzi provides a separate email to receive invoices
  • Automatically download electronic invoices from emails provided to customers
  • Automatically authenticate and check electronic invoices, automatically
  • Automatic 3-way reconciliation: orders with PO and Goods Receipt

With Bizzi - pharmaceutical invoice processing software helps businesses save 80% tgood time processing and 50% cost Invoice processing. In addition, Bizzi ensures transparency and the ability to fully comply with the professional criteria of the General Department of Taxation, replacing the lookup operations of accountants, while ensuring legal reliability for the tax authorities. Input invoice data. 

More specifically, the Bizzi platform is secured by Amazon Web Services, Ensuring data encryption process according to standards of the world's leading accounting companies. Apply international standards on information management ISO 2700.

Bizzi – pharmaceutical invoice processing software meets the need to automate data entry processes and input invoice processing for pharmaceutical businesses and many other industries such as accounting, sales. retail, logistics,...becoming an effective assistant for the accounting department and businesses.

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