Bizzi processes invoices to 99.9% with 3 super easy steps

Normally, when processing invoices manually, accountants have to spend a whole day with "mountains" of data to check the information of each invoice and then enter it into the accounting software. This process usually takes 10-15 minutes per bill. With Bizzi processing invoices with an accuracy of 99.9%, only 3 simple steps help businesses save costs up to 50%.

1. Manually managing input invoices causes inconvenience to the accounting department

When processing invoices manually, it takes time in having to manually enter invoices from email into accounting software. Especially, for manufacturing, retail, technology, etc., buying a lot of goods and raw materials will cause the following problems:

  • Accountants must create their own email to receive incoming invoices from suppliers or receive paper invoices via courier;
  • Checking the validity and legitimacy of invoices with the naked eye causes errors and requires the supplier to correct and resubmit it many times. Even when the accountants do not detect errors and make accounting, it will cause heavy losses to the business;
  • Having to manually enter data from invoices into excel spreadsheets or accounting software to track takes a long time for accountants.

As can be seen, managing input invoices manually wastes a lot of time and human resources for businesses. Input invoice processing software will help accountants solve that workload quickly, many times more accurately than manually.

2. Bizzi processes invoices in 3 super simple steps

Understanding the above difficulties of accounting, Bizzi software to process invoices automatically integrates AI and RPA smart technology to check and compare accurate information to 99.9% to help reduce errors in the process. data entry process, as well as help businesses avoid unnecessary losses.


Bill processing process with Bizzi with 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Bizzi creates a free email for the company to receive electronic invoices
  • Step 2: Bizzi Bots automatically downloads, checks and compares information
  • Step 3: Accountants approve and export data as desired

In addition, e-invoices are stored on the system for up to 10 years with a visual display list, allowing businesses to search by many different criteria such as invoice number, supplier, invoice receipt date, etc. easy to find again when needed.


3. Reasons why businesses should choose Bizzi to handle invoices on their digital transformation journey

With the motto: "Effective assistant, less arduous accountant", Bizzi brings technology to businesses to free people from time-consuming manual tasks to focus on creating higher value. The outstanding advantages of Bizzi bring trust to businesses:

  • Increasing productivity: Each e-invoice is processed, data extraction is only 10 seconds. You can spend your precious time on other valuable things.
  • Reduce errors, lost invoices: No more worrying about incorrect input, missing entries, or lost invoices. Bizzi is a diligent and meticulous assistant that scientifically manages all paper and electronic invoices for you in one place.
  • Optimal savings: Helping businesses save up to 80% time and 50% invoice processing costs
  • Affordability: Package design services according to the size of the business. The cost of a bill is cheaper than a glass of iced tea.

Bizzi's technology solution for handling invoices hopes that with its continuous efforts to improve and develop product improvements, it can help accountants and businesses optimize their working processes as well as costs. job performance time.

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