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Bizzi Expense

Comprehensive business expense management

Increase efficiency of corporate finance processes with streamlined cost management. Track, record, report costs and manage budgets in real time with centralized cost management.

Trusted by medium and large companies in many fields


Minimize the time to gather documents and make payment requests.

Quick management

Control and manage costs according to policies and budgets in real time.

Cost savings

Costs of human resources and paperwork will be maximally saved.

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Send work/advance requests quickly

Simplify the process of collecting invoices - creating expenses

Approve documents conveniently and transparently

Control costs strictly according to policies and budget

Easy process
The whole "village" is idle

For staff

For Managers

For accountants

Solution set for
Modern finance department

Please contact Bizzi immediately to learn about the ability to digitize and automate revenue and expenditure operations for your business.