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Tracking revenues and expenses in the business helps to use capital reasonably and for the right purposes. Therefore, when using the enterprise's money for general work, employees have to go through complicated processes from requesting an advance to synthesizing documents and making advance payment. So how to create - browse expenses faster and simpler?

1. The reality of complex processes of creating and approving expenses in the enterprise

1.1 Advance process:

Step 1: The employee makes a request for an advance to perform the arising company work.

Step 2: Browser signing

After making the Request for Advance, the employee submits it to the head of the department or the manager of the department for approval and signature, then the director reviews and signs for the advance.

Step 3: Payment approval procedure

– Check and write payment slip

+ After re-checking the accuracy of the information on the advance request paper, the accountant shall pay and write the advance payment slip according to the company's form.

+ Chief accountant re-checks and signs for approval of advance payment

– The director approves the expenses after the chief accountant signs and approves the expenses

– Paying advances to employees

After receiving the payment slip with all signatures of: advance requester, payment accountant, chief accountant and director, the cashier will pay an amount equal to the amount proposed on the advance note to staff.

Step 4: Accounting and document storage

+ Accountants are responsible for making payments to accounting accounts and recording books according to the right subjects.

+ The advance request form and advance payment slip with full contents and signatures of the participants mentioned above shall be kept in the document according to the regulations of the enterprise and the law.

1.2 Process of documents and advance payment:

Then the voucher and advance payment process is equally complicated:

Step 1: Staff gathers all relevant arising documents to make payment request

When completing the assigned work, the staff will gather all related documents to make a payment request to see how much has been spent.

Step 2: The payment accountant checks the reasonableness, validity and legitimacy of invoices and documents

The vouchers are transferred by the staff to the payment accountant to check and review the reasonableness, validity and legitimacy of invoices and vouchers.

VAT invoices must ensure: rationality, validity, legality

Expenditures without invoices must make a list of forms 01/TNDN (according to Circular 78/2014/TT-BTC).

Receipts must have a list of accompanying dishes

Step 3: The chief accountant checks and signs for approval

The payment accountant transfers the advance payment documents to the chief accountant to check and sign the payment request

Step 4: The Director signs for approval

After the chief accountant signs for approval, the payment accountant transfers the documents for the director to sign

Step 5: Based on the fully signed and approved invoices and documents, the payment accountant makes a request for refund

If at the end of the period the amount of advance payment is not exhausted, then:

– The staff can refund the remaining amount (if there is still an advance with this object)

– Or you can transfer the balance to the next period to continue clearing

If at the end of the period, expenses exceeding the advance amount are incurred, then:

– The employee may continue to apply for an advance in the next period (if there is still an advance for this subject)

– Or you can transfer the balance to the next period for further clearing.

2. Bizzi Expense – Digitizing the process of creating – approving expenses in a single note


2.1 Generate costs in just 3s

Bizzi supports the process of creating and approving expenses for superiors quickly. You can create expenses directly on the Bizzi Expense app on your phone, attach an electronic invoice or a paper invoice quickly so that your superiors have enough paperwork for approval. Bizzi checks information automatically and stores invoices, you don't need to worry about missing, lost, wrong invoice information

2.2 Browse expenses anytime, anywhere via mobile

The boss or chief accountant will easily approve the work report, or the revenue - expenditure for employees anytime, anywhere via computer or phone. At the same time, thanks to Bizzi Expense, management levels can also easily control costs in real time with a real-time reporting system that automatically informs the progress of the approval process.

Since then, Bizzi brings outstanding benefits to businesses in the process of spending management:

- EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT: Control and manage expenses easily in real time, by department.

- COST SAVINGS: The costs of human resources and materials will be maximally saved thanks to the implementation entirely on the Bizzi Expense application.

– AUTOMATICALLY: Minimize the time to gather documents and invoices to make payment requests

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