Why do businesses need to automate invoice processing today?


Automation is a keyword that is no longer a strange word in today's digital transformation era. One of the driving forces behind the digital transformation of technology applications to automate business processes is the covid-19 pandemic. So why do businesses need to automate the invoice processing process with robots? What benefits does this process bring to the business? Follow Bizzi's post below!

1. Automate invoice processing to save time

To complete a typical invoice, it will take about 10 minutes for accountants to perform the following tasks: receive invoices from suppliers, download invoice XML files and PDF files, compare the information on the invoice with our website. General Department of Taxation, manual data entry into accounting software. 

Not to mention it takes extra time to coordinate with purchasing and warehouse departments to reconcile input invoices, purchase orders and stock receipts. It takes time to collect data and the processing becomes complicated over the years if the workload increases, especially the billing period for the supplier. 

Automating the invoice processing process by Bizzi robot helps to reduce the load of repetitive operations, the processing process is automated to 90%. At the same time, Bizzi offers businesses a completely free email. All incoming invoices will be centralized here. Bizzi automatically receives, loads and checks and reconciles 3-way invoices. Only a few seconds Bizzi processed quickly, the accountant only needed to observe the returned results and make a decision to approve the invoice, saving maximum time for the accountant as well as the relevant departments. 

2. Save on personnel costs 

Instead of business owners having to hire more people, automating the invoice processing process with a Bizzi robot can handle it quickly with outstanding performance. Jobs that need 2-3 people to handle, now just need Bizzi to be able to balance the entire accounting department with 24/7/365 productivity without taking time off. 

Bizzi's statistics show that on average, a business will cost from 5,000 VND to 8,000 VND/invoice if done manually. If businesses use Bizzi's digital conversion solution for accounting, this cost is only 1,000 VND/invoice, Bizzi saves at least 50% in costs for businesses, that is, only 1-2 employees are needed to process. . 

3. Check accuracy, reduce risks and errors of information 

The manual processing by hand with the eye, no matter how careful, is difficult to avoid errors in data. With Bizzi bot, the risk is minimized to the lowest level with an almost absolute accuracy of 99.9%. 

Before electronic invoices were put into use, accounting and businesses often paid little attention to determining the validity of invoices including basic information: buyer, seller. The reason is that there are less popular software in the market that can help businesses check this validity. Bizzi is one of the few software on the market that can check the validity and validity of digital signatures and digital certificates. 

In addition, before that, accountants have not really focused on collecting data related to e-invoice XML file although this is a legally valid file. Bizzi software automates the invoice processing process with a robot that automatically checks and authenticates electronic invoices with more than 20 criteria to ensure validity (e-signatures, compared with the database of customers). tax authorities…). 

4. Safety and security

Bizzi – one of the few enterprises in Vietnam that has achieved ISO 2700: 20123 certification – Information security management system (ISMS) is recognized worldwide, developed by ISO International Organization for Standardization. TQC Quality Test and Certification. Therefore, the safety and security of Bizzi's electronic invoice storage has been proven through ISO 27001 certification for absolute information security.

The software that automates the invoice processing process by robot Bizzi also supports safe and centralized invoice management on a single platform, minimizing the possibility of data loss. Along with that, the fact that invoices are stored on the Bizzi system helps businesses no longer have to worry about the risk of printing and storing invoices and paper documents that are easily affected by external factors such as: humidity, temperature, termites, termites, etc.

5. Smart Storage 

Before applying technology in invoice processing, namely automating the invoice process by robots, most businesses often store invoices on Google Drive, the accountant's email because there is no storage software. . This brings many troubles to businesses because of the risk of an unsecured storage system, and limited storage capacity. Especially when changing personnel, finding the previous invoice is also very difficult. 

With Bizzi, all data is stored on a single platform, minimizing the risk of lost and damaged invoices. Everything is self-hosted automatically and online. Users can easily search for invoices by supplier, tax code or send date with just 1 click, all invoices will be retrieved as required. 


6. Bizzi Automate invoice processing with robots Reduce pressure on employees  

In the past, the accounting department often had to work overtime to process thousands of invoices in time to pay suppliers. Now with automation, accountants can perform time-consuming repetitive tasks such as data entry, information reconciliation.

Bizzi contributes to reducing work pressure for accounting staff if before, businesses often needed 2-3 employees to perform repetitive tasks. Now, it only takes Bizzi and 1 employee to be able to handle jobs with higher efficiency. 

Bizzi software automates the invoice processing process by robots with the mission of becoming an effective assistant of the finance - accounting department, a companion for businesses in the digital transformation process.

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