How effectively did Newtecons Corporation manage 2000 invoices/projects?

While digital transformation has become extremely popular in foreign markets, most Vietnamese businesses have only recently begun to pay attention to this trend in recent years due to the impact of the covid 19 pandemic. 

However, there are also some businesses that are really serious and focus on investing in technology to optimize work processes, save time and costs for business activities. A typical example is Newtecons construction group - one of the most reputable and quality general contractors in Vietnam that has applied construction industry invoice processing software.

20 years – a journey to create projects full of passion

With A journey of nearly 20 years to create success together With a series of large and small construction projects, Newtecons has become one of the leading contractors in Vietnam. Going through ups and downs and difficulties and challenges, Newtecons Group not only creates top construction products but also works hard to develop the country's economy to become more and more prosperous. 

Contributing to the success of a corporation cannot help but mention the foresight of the leadership team in promptly applying technology to shorten the invoice processing process to optimize time, Save costs for departments, especially the accounting department.

The problem of how to optimize the process of handling thousands of invoices/projects?

Like many of Bizzi's customer businesses, Newtecons encountered many problems in processing invoices. In fact, with the specific characteristics of the construction industry large number of projects and has high value requires the accounting department to be extremely cautious because the nature of the work requires detailed and accurate calculations down to every number and dot. 

Traditional invoice management process of Newtecons and some companies in the same industry: centralizing electronic invoices then converting to paper invoices. However, this is an illegal practice when businesses only care about the legality of the invoice to see if it has been registered for tax issuance or not, but do not really pay attention to whether the invoice has a real value. whether it is valid in terms of content or not. 

With the above inadequacies forcing Newtecons to look for one trial solution Construction industry invoice management to help human resources and accounting departments optimize invoice management, project management and check project costs to help save time, effort and personnel.

High value projects – Centralized management on Bizzi

To solve management problems 2000 flowers/per projectn with large values. Newtecons has used the storage and management features on Bizzi software to centrally manage invoices and expenses. 

Specifically, Bizzi divides projects into small companies, granting access to employees managing that project. From there, managers can easily manage projects by employee and by project. All invoice information for all projects is compiled and stored in one place for easy tracking and management. 

Along with that, for each different project, there will be employees constantly coming in and out. When the new accountant taking over the project logs in and uses Bizzi, they can see all the invoices that have been received by the old accounting staff. Saved on Bizzi. At the same time, with superior invoice management and storage features, Bizzi avoids invoice loss and does not affect tax declarations for the next quarter or year. 

Especially with Bizzi, Newtecons' project management staff can easily search for invoices by project and make tax declarations for each project, helping Save time up to 50% compared to manual method traditional.


Bizzi – Software xuh Managing construction industry invoices reduces the burden on accountants 

An accountant of Newtecons, when asked about the difficulties in his work, shared that: before Bizzi software was available, they were overloaded with invoices at the time of tax declaration at the end of March. Book 25 every month, or December and January at the end of the year. 

Each accountant managing invoices and expenses for that project must collect all invoice information of the managed projects and store them manually. 

Although this job looks simple, it actually creates great pressure for the handler. Because manual processing will inevitably result in errors, if a risk occurs, the fine on the invoice will be based on the invoice value. 

In addition, these manual operations cause me to spend a lot of time reviewing information. However, when Newtecons started implementing Bizzi's software application April 2021 The work of accounting staff and related departments will be greatly reduced. 

The first, for accounting staff, they are given 1 email to receive input invoices. After that, the trained Bizzi bot will automatically download, store, check invoice information, and check the validity of the invoice. After the invoice is checked for reasonableness and validity, the data information will automatically be pushed to their accounting software.

Monday, Invoice information is transparent and public, easier to control, accountants as well as project leaders can access and check the total amount of each project.

After applying Bizzi in invoice processing, the operating system at Newtecons operates more smoothly, the process is shortened, save 80 costs, and Reduced time by 50%. With Bizzi, all work and projects related to invoices are digitized and performed according to the process trained for the Bizzi bot.

A representative of Newtecons company said that thanks to the feature of managing and storing invoices for each project, project management and employee management for each project are more flexible. Bizzi optimizes the process of processing and storing invoices right on one platform, making it easy for employees to find and manage. 

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