The Next CFO: A new opportunity to create a turning point in my career

The Next CFO: Cơ hội mới tạo bước ngoặt trong sự nghiệp

According to Truong, turning risks into threats, actively turning the situation around with new opportunities will help us make a big turning point in our careers. The Next CFO this period had an interview with Mr. Luu Khanh Truong - CFO Aurai Wind Energy, a member of Bamboo Capital Group about the story of his journey from auditor to CFO with many outstanding achievements.

The Next CFO: A new opportunity to create a turning point in my career

The next cfo - anh Lưu Khánh Trường

Con đường trở thành CFO của anh Lưu Khánh Trường

Talking about his CFO journey, he thinks he will divide it into milestones, helping him better shape the path to move forward, sticking to the role of CFO.

4-year journey with the position of Auditor at KPMG Vietnam 

To have the career as now, he himself spent the first 4 years since graduating as an auditor, then as an audit team leader at KPMG. As a result, he gained best practices in corporate finance, corporate governance, risk control, budgeting and financial reporting.

Seize the opportunity that can make a turning point in your career 

By 2017, he was destined for the position of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at Kim Duc Group - the leading company in Vietnam in manufacturing and exporting PP woven bags and non-woven fabrics. After one year of management, the revenue increased by 105% and the compound growth rate was always maintained above 30%. During his time at Kim Duc, he and his team expanded production with 6 new factories.

Until 2019, he was assigned an important assignment from the Chairman, establishing a new branch of the company in Cambodia and taking on the role of Director there. In addition, he participated as a lecturer for ACCA and CFO classes at SAPP Academy and IABM - Institute of Accounting and Business Administration.

Bamboo Capital Group – a new stop in the career journey 

And now, he is stopping at Aurai Wind Energy, a member of Bamboo Capital Group with the position of CFO, taking on the tasks of developing and maintaining financial models, thereby predicting the financial position of the organization. short-term and long-term positions; Analyze financial data and market trends to capture growth opportunities, optimize and manage risks, ensure compliance with Group and Investment Fund policies.

The next CFO - Bước ngoặt sự nghiệp - Lưu Khánh Trường

As shared above, starting working at Kim Duc Group in 2017, until 2021, he was proposed a new opportunity by the company's Board of Directors - to expand business activities in Cambodia. Realizing this was a good opportunity for him to grow and learn a lot, he agreed to this new role.

In a new market like Cambodia, he also faced some cultural difficulties, the distance also built a "core-team" for the branch. He had to regularly move back and forth between Vietnam and Cambodia for 2 years to set up, operate and develop offices and manufacturing plants.

After 5 months of establishing a branch, we had the first container to export products to the US. By the end of 2021, from zero after 2 years, the development team has grown to more than 300 people with outstanding achievements such as exporting 30 million products to the US and Canada and achieving the 200% KPI set out.

It can be said that this is an important milestone in his career journey. It has many challenges and also many memories.

Chi nhanh tai Campuchi
Image of the group's branch in Cambodia

The next CFO - câu chuyện - Lưu Khánh Trường

In 2018, Kim Duc was entangled in an investigation by the US Department of Commerce (DOC) applying anti-dumping and subsidy measures to bags and packing bags woven from polyethylene or polypropylene strips, plastic, etc. spikes or similar materials imported from Vietnam. He was appointed as the team leader and worked directly with American lawyers to closely follow the investigation. And in the end Kim Duc won the case.

Through this time, he has learned many things about business law - tax, negotiation skills when working with American lawyers.

In addition to updating accounting and financial information every day through the latest documents and information, he also attended a CFO course to improve and develop his expertise. He also teaches ACCA programs, CFO classes at academies. Besides, he also spends time participating in training courses and seminars. Here, he also has the opportunity to meet and connect with other CFOs to update his knowledge and share practical work experiences.

The next cfo - xoay chuyển tình thế - Lưu Khánh Trường

The next cfo

He often spends a lot of time with family and friends.

Most of all, it's not too difficult to balance his life and family. He also actively empowers his team as well as prioritizes and divides work appropriately to reduce pressure. He will prioritize finding a balance when planning activities between work and leisure with family and friends.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and valuable lessons during your CFO journey!

Through stories and short sharing about the career journey of CFOs in The Next CFO series, hopefully, it will help young people who want to become a brave CFO in the future to better understand the journey. about to go.

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