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Seamless integration with ERP systems

Bizzi's Payables Automation platform is flexible and easily configurable to fit your existing purchasing and accounting processes. Integrate and leverage the power of automation without affecting the way you work.  

Many companies are willing to integrate Bizzi with ERP systems

Flexible integration with ERP system

Oracle Netsuite

Comprehensive ERP system, providing financial management, supply chain, production, sales, customer service, CRM, HRM features, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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The world's leading ERP system, automating processes, supporting wise decision making, increasing operational efficiency, suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations & Finance provides financial management, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, and customer service features.

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Free open source ERP system, providing financial management features, supply chain, production, sales, customer service, CRM, HRM,... suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

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DIGINET ERP supports businesses in many different industries/fields such as: Trade, Services, Construction, Transportation, Real Estate, Manufacturing... in administration and operation.


Comprehensive business management and collaboration platform, providing ERP, CRM, HRM solutions,... to help businesses improve operational efficiency and enhance collaboration.

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How Bizzi integrates

Open API

Suitable for cloud applications

Fast, easy integration without IT support through available APIs for popular cloud applications.

Connect your API system

Suitable for complex, legacy systems

Integrate with complex data and functionality within customer systems, ensuring secure data sharing and regulatory compliance.

File Integration

Suitable for On-premise

Use custom file templates created by Bizzi to easily import and export files with any local or cloud application.

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Typical integration projects