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Bizzi integrates with Oracle Netsuite

Bizzi integrates with Oracle NetSuite to help businesses have a centralized data management system and full reporting, with real-time updates. 

Many companies are willing to integrate Bizzi with ERP systems

Optimal support for Accounts Payable Management Process

Minimal disruption

There's no need to tweak your ERP system or change your Payables processing.

Maximum control

Centralized platform for your entire invoice processing process and workflow.

Leverage the power of AI

Bizzi supports you throughout the payables invoice processing process and continuously improves it.

Deploy quickly

Bizzi is ready to deploy in just a few days, without spending much time training employees.

Automatic synchronization between Oracle Netsuite and Bizzi

Synchronization list









Departments and projects

Departments and projects

The order

The order



Synchronize Invoice + Payment



Billing Information

Billing Information

Oracle Netsuite is the focus

Provides flexible and powerful integration using Token-Based Authentication to synchronize critical data such as vendors, purchase orders (POs), and any fields any other data from every company into the Bizzi system.

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Not all API integrations are created equal

Bizzi supports every native function in use, helping Accounts Payable (AP) departments operate significantly more efficiently without changing or adapting existing processes.

Grow with your business

Unlimited capabilities and seamless integration with Oracle Netsuite allow Bizzi to adapt and accommodate current and future features. Make sure you can confidently grow your business without worrying about Bizzi's system.

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Are you having difficulty managing accounts payable?​

Is your current ERP system not optimally meeting your invoice and payment processing needs? Contact Bizzi now! 

We're here to help you automate your accounts payable process.

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Oracle Netsuite Integration FAQ

– Master data:

+ Vendor

+ Item/Product & UOM 


- Document:



Have. The set of three documents includes: PO – GR – Inv.

Data is synchronized in real time or according to the installed schedule. 

Currently, Bizzi supports many flexible data synchronization mechanisms according to business needs.

– Synchronization via manual import/export Excel/CSV mechanism.

– Synchronize automatically via SFTP Folder on a regular schedule.

– Synchronization via real-time API automatic mechanism.