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Bizzi Bot, a great assistant

Download, check and reconcile invoices in a snap. RPA (Robotic process automation) technology is enhanced with the power of AI to make Bizzi Bot smart.





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2,000 hours

Only 3 steps to use


Bizzi creates a free email for your company to receive E-Invoices


Bizzi Bots automatically download, check and compare e-Invoices


You browse and export data as you like

The value that Bizzi brings

Increasing productivity

Each e-invoice is processed, extracting data in less than 30 seconds. You can spend your precious time on other valuable things

Reduce errors, lost invoices

No more worrying about incorrect input, missing entries, or lost invoices. Bizzi is a diligent and meticulous assistant that scientifically manages all paper and electronic invoices for you in one place.


Package design services according to the size of the business. The cost of a bill is cheaper like a glass of iced tea.

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Smart comparison

Bizzi's intelligent algorithm compares each line of invoices and POs in real time, helping to detect discrepancies quickly.

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Speed up approval

Approve documents and documents for employees anytime, anywhere via computer or phone quickly and easily.

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Supplier management

Verify invoice information, POs and communicate with your suppliers easily. Manage payment due dates and automatically confirm invoice status with sellers

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Expense management

Digitize the entire process of creating payment requests and approving expenses from departments. Expenses for travel, reception, shopping, etc. are managed transparently and effectively.

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Integration with ERP and accounting software

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