99% business owner "losing money" without knowing it?

Financial management is an important part of running a business, but it's not always easy. Many business owners often face money loss without their knowledge. This can cause many serious problems for businesses, including loss of financial control and even threaten the company's existence because many "small losses" will create dangerous financial holes. dangerous.

Together Bizzi Find out some reasons why business owners "lose money" without knowing it?

Why do business owners lose money?

Loss in business operating budget is always a headache for business owners. Some main reasons:

Lack of financial control

Some business owners cannot control their finances effectively due to the lack of a professional CFO/financial manager. The incomplete financial apparatus leads to loss of direction and inability to control cash flow. Other limitations make it difficult for business owners to control debt and periodically check books, so the situation of cash deficit and waste continues to "smolder".

Nhiều chủ doanh nghiệp thường phải đối mặt với tình trạng tiền bạc thất thoát mà họ không hề hay biết
Many business owners often face money loss without their knowledge

Business owners are too busy

Besides the lack of effective assistants, business owners are too busy with many tasks to handle. Therefore, they do not have much time to monitor and manage each small task. Work pressure and lack of time can cause business owners to make decisions without enough time to consider them thoroughly. This can lead to investing in ineffective projects or poor financing choices.

The business's revenue and expenditure system is messy

The business's revenue and expenditure management system is ineffective with hundreds of overlapping items, creating confusion and financial gaps everywhere. This makes it more difficult to determine the source and purpose of each revenue and expenditure. In addition, ineffective business control systems can create favorable conditions for errors and fraud. Transactions can get mixed up, and employees or others can take advantage to make improper transactions.

Lack of financial overview

Lack of ability to recognize and react quickly to unusual financial fluctuations and continuing to spend money on unnecessary items is a serious problem that can cause money to be lost in the business. Without establishing routine financial review and audit processes, business owners may not recognize unusual financial fluctuations.

Wasteful spending

Businesses may spend money unnecessarily on activities that do not bring value, advertise ineffectively, or spend money that is not on target. This waste can weaken a company's finances.

Lỗ hổng tài chính doanh nghiệp từ thất thoát nhỏ
Corporate financial gaps from small losses

Small losses will create dangerous financial gaps

Although small losses may not be considered a matter of concern, if this situation is allowed to persist, it can create dangerous financial losses for businesses. Here are some potential consequences of losing money:

  • Profit decline: Loss of money reduces business profits. Every dollar lost is a potential loss of profit. If this situation lasts, the overall profit of the business will be significantly reduced.
  • Debt status: Loss of money can cause a business to borrow more or create unnecessary debt, leading to stress and putting financial pressure on the business.
  • Loss of development opportunities: Lost money can be used to invest in business growth and expansion. When money is wasted or lost, businesses can be limited in their ability to grow and compete in the market.
  • Delay in investment and development: Loss of money can delay investment in research and development, product or service improvement, and market expansion. This can cause businesses to lose competitive opportunities and the market can change color quickly.
  • Risk of bankruptcy: If money loss cannot be controlled, businesses may face the risk of bankruptcy. When there is no longer enough money to pay debts or maintain business operations, the business may have to stop operating.

Find solutions now at Webinar: "Business owners - Don't let money fall"

To help business owners solve this problem, Bizzi Vietnam organizes the program Webinar "Business owners - Don't let your money fall". This program will help business owners have a comprehensive view of the company's current financial picture and ways to fill these "financial gaps".

Chủ doanh nghiệp rơi tiền do đâu? 
Why do business owners lose money?

Program details: 

  • Introduction: Challenges for business owners in financial management
  • Directions for financial control for business owners
  • Applying technology to control corporate finances
  • Discussion and Q&A

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. | September 30, 2023

Form: Online at Quickcom

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Program speakers: 

  • Mr. Nguyen Van Su (Steven Nguyen) - Director of Finance and Tax Services, auditor and tax specialist, bachelor of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics. HCM, with 14 years of experience in the industry.
  • Mr. Tran Minh Khanh - Finance, Accounting and Tax Specialist, with 12 years of experience in the industry. He is also a guest lecturer in subjects on Accounting, Taxation, and Finance at a number of universities and colleges in the city. HCM.

In addition, business owners also have the opportunity to receive Special gift package worth more than 100 million VND from Bizzi and partners when participating in the program:

  • 01 Bizzi Expense Pro solution package
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Loss of money within a business can have potentially serious consequences for their finances. Business owners need to be fully aware of this risk and take measures to resolve this situation once and for all. Only with effective financial management and meticulous control can businesses ensure that money does not "fall out of the hole" carelessly.

Webinar "Business owners - Don't let money fall" is a great opportunity for business owners to learn how to effectively control finances and prevent unnecessary loss of money.

The webinar will limit the number of participants, so quickly register now!

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