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Bizzi integrates with Lark

Helps businesses easily manage input invoices right on the Lark ecosystem by receiving/checking/classifying/storing invoices on Bizzi and synchronizing real-time data to Lark Base > Form.

Many companies are willing to integrate Bizzi with ERP systems

Integrate Larksuite with Bizzi in 4 steps

Step 1

Create custom app on Lark

Step 2

Set data connection information from Bizzi to Lark.

Step 3

Install Lark Base to receive incoming invoice information.

Step 4

Send an email containing the invoice to the invoice receiving email provided by Bizzi and check the results on Lark Suite Base.

Optimal support for Accounts Payable Management Process

Minimal disruption

There's no need to tweak your ERP system or change your Payables processing.

Maximum control

Centralized platform for your entire invoice processing process and workflow.

Leverage the power of AI

Bizzi supports you throughout the payables invoice processing process and continuously improves it.

Deploy quickly

Bizzi is ready to deploy in just a few days, without spending much time training employees.

Are you having difficulty managing accounts payable?​

Is your current ERP system not optimally meeting your invoice and payment processing needs? Contact Bizzi now! 

We're here to help you automate your accounts payable process.

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Lark integration FAQ

Each data field extracted from the invoice is quickly synchronized to Lark Base > Form according to the standard tax report template provided by Bizzi.

Bizzi supports customizing templates according to business needs, helping businesses have all the necessary information fields for full, centralized management, and clear classification by departments and projects (configurable from Bizzi)

Currently Bizzi supports data synchronization with Lark via API.