Overcoming 11 other potential startups, Bizzi Vietnam excellently won and received a cash prize of $50,000 from SK Group

Last afternoon of November 10, Bizzi Vietnam was very proud to be the honored winner of the SK Startup Fellowship - Contest to find potential Startups. 

Journey with SK Startup Fellowship 2022 - full of excitement and challenges

The 6-month journey with SKSF 2022 is not only a competition, but also a big challenge for Bizzi. Here, they faced hundreds of other potential startups, each with its own creative idea and development potential. The biggest challenge comes not only from competing with opponents, but also from having to prove that you are worthy of receiving attention and support from the jury.

However, this is also a journey full of excitement and promise. Bizzi had the opportunity to meet and learn from leading mentors who have many years of experience in the field of business and investment. Meetings, discussions and knowledge sharing have helped Bizzi better understand market needs and how to improve its solutions.

Bizzi chien thang 50000 USD

Bizzi not only achieved high results in the competition but also surpassed hundreds of competitors to reach the top 4 best startups at Demo Day SKSF 2022. This is a testament to Bizzi's reputation and potential in the field. technology and startup sector.

The impressive presentation of CEO & Co-founder Vu Trong Nghia received high appreciation from the Jury, who has an important responsibility in selecting the most potential startups. This shows that Bizzi has a remarkable solution and huge growth potential.

Through the SK Fellowship 2022 competition, Mr. Nghia said, "This journey of Nghia, the most memorable memory is probably spending 6 months accompanying you in activities and having the opportunity to interact and work with friends." Working with 12 very talented founders, Nghia has learned a lot of values as well as experience in management, building a business model, connecting with quality mentors, these are things that I think it's unlikely that I will receive any money."

Vượt qua 11 startup tiềm năng khác, Bizzi Việt Nam xuất sắc chiến thắng SK Startup Fellowship 2022

With this victory, Bizzi would like to thank the companionship and support of businesses and organizations over the past time. Bizzi and the entire team will strive harder to be more worthy of your expectations and trust to make further progress in the coming time. SK Startup Fellowship is an annual program organized by SK Group with the goal of discovering and supporting early-stage startup talent.

This is also the foundation for a close relationship with the Vietnam Startup Ecosystem.  Demo Day – the final round of competition to select the Top 4 best to receive a grant of 50,000 USD/startup; One startup received a consolation prize worth 26,000 USD and the remaining startups received 16,000 USD/startup. These are all cash grants and do not convert shares.

Join SK Startup Fellowship 2022 not only brings awards to Bizzi but also opens a new door for relationships with the Vietnam Startup Ecosystem. Bizzi has made a mark and left a deep impression in the hearts of investors and startups. This promises a bright future and sustainable development of Bizzi in the startup and technology market in Vietnam.

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