The unique combination brings a solution to help businesses control costs effectively

In the fierce competition of today's business market, cost control plays an extremely important role in the success and development of a business. However, the payment process and cost management can face many unexpected difficulties and risks. Fortunately, the unique combination of international banks and fintech startups has brought a breakthrough solution for businesses – Business credit cards with integrated smart expense management application Bizzi Expense.

Complicated processes, financial loss, difficulty in tracking spending and risk of overspending are challenges that many businesses face on a daily basis. That's why Business credit card Bizzi – Shinhan was developed – to help businesses control costs closely and effectively.

Unique combination from Bizzi – Shinhan

Bizzi Expense is a smart expense management application with the ability to track and centralize expenses easily, businesses can have an overview of their expense situation. Using a business credit card Bizzi – Shinhank will help improve working capital and effectively manage cash flow, thereby maximizing profits.

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However, the benefits of Bizzi Expense is not just a tool for recording and managing expenses. This product also brings many advantages and benefits to businesses. Here are some key benefits that businesses can get from Bizzi Expense:

  • Tight cost control: Bizzi Expense helps businesses proactively control the budget for each department and employee. Businesses can set spending barriers, limit daily spending and view complete spending reports to make informed decisions.
  • Optimizing cost management: Bizzi Expense helps businesses create internal processes and regulations for cost management. Tracking, approving and recording expenses is easier and more transparent than ever.
  • Save time and effort: Bizzi Expense helps automate the cost management process, from recognition, approval to payment processing. This helps to reduce manual work, save time and increase business productivity.
  • Detailed spending reports: Bizzi Expense provides detailed, transparent and easy-to-read spending reports. Businesses can view spending information by time, department, project or type of spending, thereby making strategic decisions and improving business processes.
  • Safety and security: Bizzi Expense adheres to the highest security standards, ensuring the safety of business information and data. All transactions and data are encrypted and protected against the risk of loss and misuse.

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Attractive special offers for businesses

In addition, the business credit card product Bizzi - Shinhan also offers attractive privileges for businesses. Annual fee waiver and Bizzi welcome offer are benefits that businesses can get. In addition, businesses also have the opportunity to receive discount vouchers for other solutions on the Bizzi platform, accumulate Shinhan reward points and enjoy incentives from Shinhan Zone.

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>> Free annual fee 

  • Free annual fee for the first year
  • Free annual fee for the 2nd year onwards when spending the previous year's card reaches 105 million VND

>> Bizzi welcome offer 

  • Free 01 Bizzi Expense expense management account (for life by card)
  • Free 03 months of use when signing a 12-month contract
    • Bizzi Expense app
    • VNG Cloud
    • Haravan: a solution to grow channels – Harasocial
  • Offer VND 5,000,000 credit in advance to VNG Cloud account (Applicable to server services, online storage)

>> Bizzi special offer

  • 10% discount for other solutions on the Bizzi platform

>> Accumulate Shinhan bonus points 

  • Unlimited accumulation of 0.1% Shinhan Rewards Points for every eligible card spending transaction.

>> Shinhan Zone

  • Get Shinhan and Visa corporate credit card offers and exclusive offers up to 20% on booking and travel serviceshere

In addition, businesses also receive special incentives when registering early: When signing a 12-month contract to use Bizzi Expense, businesses will receive incentives from Bizzi: Free 6 months of expense management application Bizzi Expense. Bizzi's partner, VNG Cloud, also offers exclusive offers for businesses, including 6 months free when signing a 12-month contract and 10,000,000 VND credit in advance.

Bizzi Card credit card pre-order time: from May 29, 2023 to the end of June 15, 2023.

Register now

With the benefits and special offers that Bizzi Expense brings, there is no reason for businesses not to quickly register to use this product. Discover now and become one of the pioneers in effective cost control. Register now at  to start experiencing outstanding benefits from Bizzi – Shinhan Business Credit Card.

The unique combination of a national bank and a fintech startup has brought a pioneering solution for businesses in controlling costs. Business credit card integrated with smart expense management application Bizzi Expense is a powerful tool to help businesses focus and control spending easily. With special offers and exclusive offers, businesses have the opportunity to optimize cost management and increase profits.

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