Revealing the ability of Bizzi Bot – An effective assistant for accountants

Applying AI technology - intelligent RPA, Bizzi Bot's ability can automate 90%'s invoice processing work of accountants from "receiving invoices" to "transferring data to accounting software" with high accuracy. accurate to 99.9%, saving 80% time and 50% costs for businesses.

1. Digital Transformation – Robots will gradually replace humans


Robotics is one of the major digital transformation technologies in 2021. According to the survey, there are a quarter of businesses using intelligent robots in their operations. This rate is estimated to increase to 1/3 in the next 2 years, showing a bright future of robot application in enterprises. 

Robot application not only promotes efficiency in repetitive, low-value but mandatory jobs. Through that, the robot will act as an assistant to promote and support people to switch to more creative and high-value things.

Many Vietnamese enterprises have applied robots in many fields such as logistics, accounting, engineering, medicine, retail, etc. Digital transformation by robots helps businesses reduce costs and ensure uniformity in quality. products, minimizing errors in the production process. Therefore, it helps businesses to increase flexibility and improve reputation in the market.

2. Bizzi Bot's ability to process incoming invoices in just 10s

Each business after registering with Bizzi will be given a separate email integrated with Bizzi Bot. When the supplier sends the invoice to email, millions of bots will help the accountant download the invoice, check the validity and legitimacy of the invoice, etc., and will signal green if the invoice is approved and red if the invoice is approved. The application is in the "at-risk" category. After the accountant finishes checking and clicking "Approve", the data will be automatically retrieved to the accounting software.

3. Bizzi Bot's ability to automatically compare 3-way Invoice - Purchase Order (PO) - Warehouse Receipt (GR) quickly and accurately

With automatic processing technology Robots combining Machine Learning and artificial intelligence can solve difficult problems that require manual handling by accountants.

When receiving an invoice from a supplier, Bizzi Bot's ability to automatically compare 3-way information between Invoice (Invoice) - Purchase order (PO) - Warehouse Receipt (GR), process "all" from reading emails, looking up and checking information to storing and managing electronic invoice files. 


4. AI-enhanced RPA technology makes Bizzi Bot smart

By automating the accounting process with robots, Bizzi's RPA technology optimizes workflow, helping businesses increase productivity, reduce costs as well as optimize business operations. In particular, limiting the risks of errors with an accuracy of 99.9% and ISO 27001 certification for information safety and security helps businesses accelerate breakthroughs on the digital transformation journey.

In addition, the ability of Bizzi Bot to work 24/7, without taking leave, sick leave, severance... ensures a seamless and smooth work schedule. 

A McKinsey report estimates the global automation potential for finance and accounting at 43%. In addition, UiPath specifies an automation rate of 80% for common processes such as accounts receivable or accounts payable.

In the face of the still complicated pandemic situation, each business needs to soon draw up a long-distance digital transformation plan to focus on sustainable development, increase competitiveness and make the best use of opportunities to accelerate and expand. market. Bizzi is an effective solution to help business owners use their potential and budget savings thanks to the ability of Bizzi Bot.

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