Bizzi – The only Vietnamese representative honored by EY Audit

At the beginning of July 2022, the EY Foundry 2022 Program for startups across the Asia-Pacific region, organized by the world's leading auditing organization Ernst & Young (EY), held a ceremony to announce the best startups. The best career is selected to Cohort 5 of the program. And one of the names named as the winner included Bizzi Vietnam – The only Vietnamese representative honored to be selected.

The EY Foundry 2022 program is organized to search for bright and talented start-up business names in the Asia-Pacific region. EY Foundry has received up to 310 applicants across the region, and this demonstrates the interest of startups in the program. 

Out of a total of 310 candidates, EY selected 16 startups with the best ability to provide innovative solutions and technologies in a variety of fields for Cohort 5 for this year's program. In particular, Bizzi Vietnam with technology solutions   

1. Ernst & Young (EY) one of the 4 "big guys" in the Auditing Finance industry

Ernst & Young's full name is Ernst Young Global Limited, or EY for short. As a multinational professional audit firm classified as Big4, one of the top 4 largest professional auditing firms in the world - along with Deloitte, KPMG and PwC. 

EY provides special services such as: Tax, Transactions, Growth Markets, Specialty Services, etc. Over the past 30 years. Established and developed, EY has been present in more than 150 countries, more than 700 offices and more than 270,000 employees worldwide. 

In 2018, Fortune magazine ranked EY 52nd on its list of the 100 best companies to work for. As of 2017, EY is the 7th largest private institution in the United States. Besides, Ernst & Young Vietnam also ranked 85th in the top 100 enterprises with the best working environment. 

2. Bizzi – Invoice processing and lean expense management software for businesses

2.1 Bizzi – Automated invoice processing software: An effective assistant, less extreme accounting

Keeping up with technology trends in the world, applying artificial intelligence AI and automating work processes with RPA robots, Bizzi has become the invoice processing solution trusted and chosen by more than 1200+ businesses. outstanding advantages:

– Verify and check Invoices automatically: The input e-invoice is automatically checked and verified by more than 20 criteria to ensure its validity (e.g. electronic signature, comparison with the tax authority's database, etc.).

– Automatically extract data: The application automatically processes electronic invoices, supports data extraction (excel, csv, ..) in accordance with the accounting and ERP software you are using.

– Smart storage and management: Search and manage invoices easily. 10 years storage. No more worries about losing, not finding the bill. Free for start-ups.

- Increasing productivity: Each e-invoice is processed, extracting data in less than 30 seconds. You can spend your precious time on other valuable things.

- Reduce errors, lost invoices: No more worrying about incorrect input, missing entries, or lost invoices. Bizzi is a diligent and meticulous assistant that scientifically manages all paper and electronic invoices for you in one place.


2.2 Bizzi Expense – Lean spending management software for businesses: Easy process, the whole “village” is relaxed

Bizzi - Vietnam's leading comprehensive and comprehensive invoice processing software officially launched Bizzi Expense application. With a solution to digitize the cost management process suitable for all businesses of all sizes, Bizzi Expense meets the needs of effective cost management for the whole business.

  • The boss or employee who goes to receive guests or business wants to manage bills
  • Request for advance/refund/payment when expenses arise 
  • Employees need to approve expenses to pay for goods and services
  • Need quick approval but boss is not at the company

With just a few simple clicks, with Bizzi Expense all the complex processes of managing, controlling costs and creating a payment offer have become easier thanks to outstanding benefits:

  • MANAGE COSTS IN ONE PLACE: Automatically remind if the invoice has not been received, not afraid of forgetting or missing expenses.
  • AUTOMATICALLY READING ELECTRONIC BILLS: No need to enter boring manual data, Bizzi Bots automatically checks and reconciles the validity of invoices.
  • SEND PAYING PROPOSAL WITH ONE TOUCH: Automatically export expense list and summarize invoices to send to accountants.

3. EY Foundry Cohort 5 – A new step for Bizzi in the digital transformation period

Recently, EY organization announced the winning participants accepted into EY Foundry Cohort 5. With the participation of potential candidates from all over the Asia-Pacific region such as Australia, Cambodia, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Outstandingly surpassing 310 extremely talented startups in the Asia-Pacific region who participated in the contest, Bizzi is proud to be the only representative from Vietnam to be awarded the award. EY select. This prestigious award brings professional advice from the world's leading auditing firm to Bizzi. At the end of the winner announcement, Bizzi could see the outstanding development and completeness of the set of solutions to accompany businesses and at the same time help the accounting department save time, effort and money. improve working performance.

With the commendable achievement from this year's EY Foundry program, Bizzi would like to thank more than 1200 businesses for choosing Bizzi as an automated invoice processing and lean expense management solution. Besides, CEO Bizzi said that in the next 2 years, startup Bizzi will focus 100% on the domestic market to become the number 1 technology company providing automatic input invoice processing software in Vietnam in 2022 before expanding. to other Southeast Asian countries.

If your business is interested in a set of solutions to digitize the streamlined revenue and expenditure management process, to help your financial management and accounting activities become more efficient, contact Bizzi right away. Get a free trial consultation at:


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