With 200 branches across the country, how does GS25 control the spending process and handle thousands of invoices per month?

“It can be said that Bizzi is the savior for GS25's Accounting and Finance department.” – Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, head of GS25 Accounting team. 

GS25 su dung Bizzi
GS25 is a famous convenience store chain from Korea

GS25 is a famous convenience store chain from Korea, officially entering Vietnam since 2018. After 4 years of development, GS25 ranks first in brand awareness among Vietnamese consumers with more than 200 branches. It can be said that, with rapid growth in the number of stores, suppliers and customers, GS25 branches have to process tens of thousands of invoices each month. 

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, head of the GS25 Payment Accounting team, shared that GS25 has faced difficulties in the process of processing invoices and controlling and managing costs:  

  • Accounting personnel are overloaded due to having to visually compare data 
  • Low productivity when having to check, enter data, and manage debt manually 
  • Must process 300 - 800 invoices/day and more than 20,000 invoices per month
  • It takes a lot of time to look up invoice information and manage hundreds of suppliers
  • Difficulty in controlling departmental costs in real time

So how does GS25 process those thousands of invoices?

In May 2020, GS25 decided to put Bizzi into use, since then every member of the accounting team has been able to "relieve the burden" and optimize performance, now only one employee is needed. Can handle the workload of 3-4 people before. As one of the businesses that trusts and uses the Bizzi Enterprise Streamline Cost Management Platform, GS25 has quickly automated 90% the invoice management process, saving 80% time in processing costs and expenses. Increase accuracy up to 99.9%. 

According to Ms. Phuong Thao - GS25 accounting team leader, Bizzi is the "bright spot", becoming a solution - an effective assistant for GS25's accounting team with a friendly interface and outstanding features to help the operation process. of the GS25 is smooth and achieves meaningful results. 

✔️ Accounting efficiency increased 3 times compared to before 

✔️ Reduce 80% invoice processing cost from 6,000 to 2,000 VND  

✔️ Control and manage expenses, payment terms easily in real time 

✔️ Quickly compare invoices by information fields: company name, tax code, address, etc.

✔️ Pre-designed templates, valid invoices can be imported into the system with just 1 click

✔️ Invoice processing time is 1-2 seconds

✔️ Fix wrong input error when doing it manually 

✔️ Don't miss information from suppliers 

GS25 xử lý hàng nghìn hóa đơn
“It can be said that Bizzi is the savior for GS25's Accounting and Finance department.” – Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, head of GS25 Accounting team. 

Bizzi is proud to be a company that provides technology solutions for automating accounting and financial operations with the mission of becoming an effective assistant to automatically process invoices and digitize cost management activities. compact for convenience stores as well as supporting businesses in the digital transformation process.

Bizzi has been trusted and used by +1200 large enterprises and corporations such as Tiki, GS25, Circle K, PNJ, P&G, VNG, Grab, Ikea, Sabeco, Pharmacity, etc. 

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