Pharmacity finds the "cure" for the problem of managing invoices and accounts payable

Over 11 years of establishment and development, with the mission of "Protecting and caring for the health of every Vietnamese family", Pharmacity has affirmed its pioneering position in the field of modern pharmaceutical retail in Vietnam. With a system of nearly 1,000 pharmacies meeting GPP standards spanning 40 provinces and cities, and a team of nearly 5,000 professional pharmacists, Pharmacity brings a convenient shopping experience and reputable health care services to all customers.

Pharmacity mang đến trải nghiệm mua sắm tiện lợi và dịch vụ chăm sóc sức khỏe uy tín cho mọi khách hàng.
Pharmacity has affirmed its pioneering position in the field of modern pharmaceutical retail in Vietnam

However, in parallel with strong development, Pharmacity recognizes a big challenge in managing manual input invoices. The process of processing thousands of invoices each month is time-consuming, affects work efficiency and has a high risk of errors. In order to optimize processes and improve operational efficiency, Pharmacity's Board of Directors decided to implement a digital transformation project for accounting and finance activities, marking an important step in the journey to bring the business forward. further.

Pharmacity Found a "cure" for the problem of managing invoices and accounts payable

The digital transformation project aims to automate the input invoice processing process, reduce errors and save time for the Accounting department. Applying advanced technology solutions helps Pharmacity optimize operational efficiency - minimize data entry, shorten payment time to suppliers, provide accurate and transparent data, thereby improving efficiency. High financial control ability.

With a strategic vision and deep understanding of the field of digital transformation, Pharmacity has trusted and chosen Bizzi as a reliable partner for this important project. Bizzi's solution suitable for all sizes of businesses. 

Đại diện Bizzi và Pharmacity trong dự án tự động hóa quy trình xử lý hóa đơn
Representing Bizzi and Pharmacity in the invoice processing automation project

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dan, Chief Accountant at Pharmacity shared: “Bizzi has brought Pharmacity an effective digital transformation solution, helping to optimize the invoice processing process, improve operational efficiency and save costs. fee. We believe that Bizzi's solution will make an important contribution to the sustainable development of Pharmacity in the future."

Represent Bizzi also expressed their commitment to accompany Pharmacity, continuing to provide the most advanced automation solutions, contributing to improving operational efficiency and bringing customer experience to new heights.

The successful digital transformation project at Pharmacity is a testament to the effectiveness of Bizzi automation solutions in optimizing processes, improving operational efficiency and saving costs for businesses. This success also marks an important turning point in Pharmacity's digital transformation journey, opening up great potential for sustainable development in the future.

Bizzi – Comprehensive invoice processing solution that solves the "pain" of the accounting and finance industry

Giải pháp tự động hóa việc trích xuất và xử lý hóa đơn đầu vào

Automatically receive and store electronic invoices

  • Give each business a unique email address.
  • Bizzi bot automatically collects invoices and puts them into a platform for processing.
  • Electronic invoices are stored in a single place with an intuitive display list for easy management and access.

Automate invoice processing with robots

  • Bizzi bot checks the reasonableness and validity of invoices
  • Criteria checked: electronic signature, tax code, supplier information and many other factors
  • Automatically return results and report errors when invoices are invalid or have incorrect information 

Automatically intelligent 3-way comparison: Invoices - Orders - Warehouse receipts

  • Smart 3-way collation with more accuracy than 99%.
  • Handle all reconciliation cases on the system: 1PO – 1INV – 1GR; 1PO – nINV – nGR; nPO – 1INV – nGR; nPO – nINV – nGR
  • Detect deviations quickly and improve data accuracy.
  • Automatically get PO number from invoice/email from supplier/invoice file.

Extract data to transfer to accounting software

Automatically processing electronic invoices and extracting data to Excel files is completely compatible with the accounting software the company is using to support the data entry process.

Easy integration with ERP systems: SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics 365,...

Bizzi's Invoice Processing solution is flexible and easily configurable to fit your existing ERP system and accounting processes. 

Contact our team today to sign up for a free trial and discover how Bizzi can help you optimize your accounts payable invoice management process.

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