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Minimizing the time to gather documents and make payment requests

Quick management

Real-time easy cost control and management

Cost savings

The costs of human resources and materials will be minimized

Simplify the process of creating - approving expenses

  • Standardize the payment request process.
  • Shorten time when receiving invoices - check invoices - create expenses and send for approval in just 2 clicks.
  • Build approval flow and flexibly decentralize - manage groups of rights by hierarchy, department.

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Browse payment offers/expenses conveniently

  • Approve anytime, anywhere. Convenient and instant via mobile device.

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Control costs strictly according to budget

  • Complete and valid invoices and documents.
  • Prepare budget by department and project.
  • Establish financial regulations and internal expenditures.
  • The system warns when the proposed payment costs do not exist/exceed the budget.
  • Manage costs by cost code, department, project (cost item, cost center).
  • Display quick reports of spending information, updates on estimates and actual expenditures.

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Easy process
The whole "village" is idle

For staff

  • Reduce time to collect invoices and documents to make payment requests.
  • Create expenses and request quick payment approval
  • Scan invoice data, no need for manual entry
  • No need to worry about missing, lost, or incorrect invoice information.

For Managers

  • Easily track, control and manage organizational costs in real time.
  • Easily approve anywhere, anytime.
  • Control the budget well according to spending regulations.
  • The system automatically warns when spending is exceeded

For accountants

  • Easily check invoices and documents, limit unnecessary errors.
  • Simplify and automate the expense approval process.
  • Control and manage costs by department/project and budget.
  • Reduce the risk of invalid invoices and expenses.
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